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Siani Umoh's

No description

Siani Umoh

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Siani Umoh's

Company Logo
Siani Umoh's Agents Of Socialization Project
Family has a social impact that impacts you to do go out in life and do things you do. Early habits are formed within in the home. If the family has negative surroundings, then someone grows up and carries that with them.
Socialization, what is it ?
Socialization is a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the "norms", values, and behavior
Family (cont.)
Family is a huge factor in socialization. Again, the roots of the family is important.
Peer group
The mass media has an impact on socialization because what is seen on the media influences teens to do what they see.
Peer group is a very important group. Just as mass media influences everyday choices, so do peer groups.
Friends impact can impact you socially in many different ways. One being if your friend does drugs they can influence you to take part in that activity. Friends can have a negative or positive effect on you.
School and peers play a special part in socialization. Going to school 5 times a week, is a pretty big deal. You're surrounded by so many different people, cultures, ethics etc.
Mass media
Peer group (cont.)
School (cont.)
School is such an important place when it comes to socialization. Most of a teens life is spent in school.
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