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Louis De Frontenac

No description

mustafa cheema

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Louis De Frontenac

BY: Mustafa and Liam
Louis De Frontenac
>born in france
>City near paris - siant german en laye
> When he was born his dad was a
capitan of a army.
> His dad died in 1622.

In 1622 Frontenac set to sail to New france
september 12, 1622 he arivved in Quebec
At New France
>Frontenac arrived in new france
on september 12, 1672. unfortunatly
he only lived here for 26 years.
>He was a soldier and
a governer of new france.
> He did it to follow his dads foot
steps and joined the military
> He built lots of forts in new france
> Frontenac supported the expansion of
the fur trade, establishing fort frontenac

What he did in New France
>Frontenac supported the expansoin of the furtrade, eshtabling fort frontenac
>Frontenacs built lots of forts becuase of conflict with members of the sovereign council
Frontenac was a very important
soldier and governer for New France and
he can still be remembered by his varius statues
all over Canada. The two most closest ones would
be in Ottawa and Quebec. Also Fort Frontenac is
still standing today in kingston ontario.
Louis De Baude De Frontenac's
god father was louis the 13th
Frontenac died on the date
of november 28, 1698 at
the age of 79. The reason of
his death was a serious illness.
He is remembered by his various statues
also the famous hotel in Quebec
Chateau Frontenac.

Thanks for wacthing!
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