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Cameron w-7 music genre

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Cameron w-7 music genre

Cameron w-7 music genre
Alternative rock
Alternative rock started in the early 1980's and is still listened and played today. This was around the time john Lennon was killed and the release of pac-man this was also around the time when the beatles broke up.Christina agulara was born around this time.
Kurt cobain
Kurt cobain (Born Febuary 20, 1967 In washington- c. April 5, 1994 In seattle) Was most famous for his work in Nirvana and played lefty guitar and sang. His biggest influence was the Beatles.
Pitch Low
volume Loud
colour blue
tempo fast
Micheal stipe
Micheal stipe (born january, 4, 1960 In Athens, Gorgia) Was best known for his work in R.E.M. as there lead singer. His main instrument was his voice. His big influence where the beatles.
Losing my religion
volume loud
tempo allegro
color brown
pitch High
Jack white
Jack white (born july 9,1975 In Tenesee)
Best known for his work in dead wheather, The racounters, and the white stripes. and Plays Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums, marimba, mandolin, xylophone, clavioline, bass guitar
Black math

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