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stock challenge

No description

Mohamad Mohamed

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of stock challenge

STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS BY YOUR SIDE FINANCIALS BY YOUR SIDE FINANCIALS WHO SHOULD INVEST IN US THE #1 BROKERAGE FIRM IN THE COUNTRY BY YOUR SIDE FINANCIALS IS A FAMOUS NATIONAL BROKERAGE FIRM FOUNDED IN 1999 BY HAMEID TAHA. WITH ALL THE STRESS AND UNCERTAINTY WHICH COMES ALONG WITH STOCKS AND INVESTMENTS, PEOPLE OFTEN NEED A HELPING HAND. BY YOUR SIDE FINANCIALS GUARANTEES THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH THE BEST POSSIBLE FINANCIAL OUTCOMES REGARDING THE BUYING AND SELLING OF STOCKS. INTRODUCTION With todays economy, everything is unpredictable, with stocks falling just as quickly as they rise. The field of investing has always been known to be uncertain and at times very risky. As a result, it is very difficult to predict what stocks to invest in. At by your side financials, we adress this issue using our knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients receive the best possible financial outcomes. We use our proffesional judegment and experience, along with analysing vital factors such as 52 week trends, liquidity, volumes, different ratios, market caps, and dividents, to ultimately make our decisions. In order to adress the current climate, we ensure that all decisions are based off of strict professional calculations. ADRESSING THE CURRENT CLIMATE With all the advancements we are seeing today with technology, the technology industries have been emerging rapidly. At by your side financials, we often place a lot of our investments in technology based stocks and businesses. We have had great success investing in the leading technology companies such as apple, google, microsoft, intel, adobe, sony, cisco systems, etc. VITAL INDUSTRIES TO INVEST IN BY: HAMEID TAHA Technology Industry Commodities Another industry By Your Side Financials believes is vital is the commodities. Commodities include a variety of raw materials and primary agricultural products. They have proved to be "money makers" with demand always increasing over time, this is because commodities are "real assets" and have different reactions to economic change. Examples of commodities are gold, copper, steel, etc. SUCCESFUL STOCK PICKS Just like all brokerage firms, we learn from experience. By your side financials has had a lot of past success with stocks, in particular with technology companies and commodities. For example, we made a lot of our profit from investing in big technology companies such as apple, google, sony, and microsoft. With these companies, and the trends they were undergoing, we belived that they were the least risky to invest in, and would be the most profitable, which proved to be true a lot of the time. At by your side financials, we also usually swayed towards the commodties sector. We felt that with the commodities, you have to be a patient investor, because they are more of a long term investment. We often invested in very common highly demanded commodities such as gold, copper, steel, and coffee, which always proved to be profitable. First time investors who are interested in the stock market.
Investors who have an interest in the technology sector and are hoping to invest in certain technology companies.
Individuals who are interested in long term investments.
Individuals who have an interest in investing in commmodities. STOCK INDICATORS At by your side financials, we make sure to take a variety of factors and indicators into consideration before making our decisions. Indicators: 52 week trend: The highest and lowest prices that a stock has traded at during the previous year, is very important in predicting future price movement. Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E): Valuation Ratio of a company's current share price compared to its per-share price. Volume: A measure of the number of stock shares that have been exchanged or traded within a specific period of time. Market Caps: Is the total value of the issued shares of a publicly traded company Basic Strategies At by your side financials, we belive in taking the strategic route rather than just gambling with our clients money. Since we primarily invest in the technology and commodities sector, we implement certain strategies in order to be successful. Since both sectors are obviously different, we follow different strategies when dealing with each one. Technology: With the technology sector, we really analyze the indicators carefully before making any decisions. Our strategies when investing in technology based companies were simple: invest in the top players, look for rising trends, buy a large amount of quantity (the more quantity the higher profit after increase), and ultimately to buy and sell as quicky as possible (dont be greedy, sell once you make a profit). Commodities: The commodities sector is completely different from the technology sector, and therefore requires different strategies when approaching investmets. When investing in the commodities we used stratergies such as: invest in highly demanded commodities (oil, coffee), invest in scarce commodities, to be patient when investing, and to ultimately diversify our portfoio with a lot of different commodities. MARKET CAPS AND P/E RATIOS The two most significant indicators which influnced our decisions were market caps and P/E ratios. Market Caps At by your side financials, market caps are very important to us. This is because just by looking at the market capitalization of a company you can get a good measure of the company's total value, and this helps substantially when approaching investments. Market caps basically show the size of the company, which is very important when looking at the valuation, and whether or not it would be beneficial to invest. Overall, we feel that Market Caps should be analyzed carefully before making any decisions P/E Ratios P/E Ratios (Price to earnings ratio) is a valuation ratio of a company's current share price compared to its per share price. For many investors, the P/E Ratio is the most important peice of information to take into account. The P/E Ratio tells you what the market is willing to pay for the stock, and is overall a measure of the growth and potential of that company. P/E ratios are great when analyzing risk, because they give a good measure of what is a risky investment and what is not. Overall, we feel that P/E Ratios are very important to look at when analyzing a stock. Conclusion With all this said, By Your Side Financials truly proves to be "the #1 brokerage firm in the country." We encourage everyone to invest in us and to make us their primary brokerage firm. For more info visit: www.byyoursidefinancialsfirm.com Informative Sources: www.google.ca/finance www.finance.yahoo.com www.investopedia.com www.globeandmail.com/globe-investor/
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