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The Christmas Devil Krampus

No description

Abigail Brudek

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of The Christmas Devil Krampus

The Christmas Devil: Krampus
The Krampus is a half goat half demon who beats people, specifically children into being nice.

He comes with Saint Nick on St. Nicholas day, December 5.

He beats the naughty children, stuffs them into his sack, and brings them to Hell with him.
The Krampus has been sighted at the Montgomery Hall park most recently.

He's most commonly seen in Germany, Poland, or any other Alpine countries.
Which isn't surprising seeing as they have long parades with hundreds of people dressing up each year during the holiday season.

Real Sighting
The Krampus stories originate in the Alpine region as early as the 1600s springing up everywhere this creature quickly took hold.

Was originally known as Krampushacht or the German word for "Claw".

The beast was originally 7ft tall but stories now range anywhere from 7 to 12 or more feet.

When children are taken by the Krampus they are beat until the repent completely for any wrong they may have done.
first hand accounts
There are many first hand accounts of the Krampus seeing as priest and men devout to the church would dress up on the nights prior and after the night of Dec 6 to scare the local children into behaving.

The most recent however would be on Oct. 5 2012, or at least the most recently documented one.
Unfortunately these accounts are not very reliable, they don't even come with much of a story other than "you'll poop bricks when you see it".
Plausibility of their existence
It's extremely unlikely that they really exist. They were created by priest and like minded people.

There are no real sightings, r documentation of the Krampus.

It is however documented that people dress up like the Krampus during the holiday season and walk around there towns at night.

Also, Santa isn't real and Santa is is buddy whom he travels with on the night of Dec 5 for Saint Nicholas's day on Dec 6. So why would the Krampus be?
THe most recent information
On March 18, 2014 CBS reported that Austia has ban Krampus festivities. It seems that the church was disapproving of the new younger generation taking a liking to the Krampus calling him "The Christmas Devil" and celebrating the monster of the season rather than fearing him and hoping for gifts from the Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa. I was no longer religious.
Cultural Admonition
The Lesson that the church was trying to teach it's followers was to be "good". They wanted the children to behave, not cause a mess, or fights. They wanted the children to listen to authority and what better way to do that then to have the threat of a beating from a horrifying creature and a decent to hell? They wanted the children to behave themselves and good incentive of rewards was not enough.
Folklore Volume 69 issue 7, 1958 pg 45-47
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