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Fundamentals of Music: An Overview

Introduction and preview of MUSI 1301 - Fundamentals of Music at Wayland Baptist University

Douglas Brown

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Fundamentals of Music: An Overview

to Fundamentals of Music
Over the centuries, music has moved
from oral
to written
the process of representing
sound and silence with symbols
We consider this system a
Musical Language
About This Class
Fundamentals of Music is what is
generally considered a
Leveling Class
that is,
often come in having
of understanding about music
One of the natural outcomes of this class
is that all students will leave with the
of musical knowledge
Depending on how much you already know,
some sections of this material might contain a
lot of material that you already know.
Pay attention!
...because you will likely pick up some finer points
of music that just might surprise you
(and wind up on a quiz)
When this happens...
As the English language has changed
through the centuries, so has music.
is constantly added,
from its earliest usage
...up to today.
In this semester, this class will cover the basic terms.
Early terms are in Italian
thanks to the early influence of early,
Italian Baroque musicians (1600-1750)
Claudio Monteverdi
We still use most of these terms today,
even though modern English words are available...
because music is an international language
because tradition makes it difficult to change
• and because the terminology
is considered rather beautiful
to use
Parameters of Music
Music contains several elements that make it, well, music.
We'll call these elements
The Language of Music
1) Rhythm
concerns the durations of sounds and silences
whole note
half note
quarter note
eighth note
sixteenth note
whole rest
quarter rest
sixteenth rest
half rest
eighth rest
3) Pitch
The frequency of a note
...the larger the frequency, the higher the note
2) Meter
Organization of rhythm into strong and weak beats
4) Melody
an organized series of pitches that helps structure music into longer and more complete sections
5) Harmony
a thickening of the melody by the addition of accompanying pitches occurring vertically
(at the same time)
6) Tonality
The predominance of one pitch more than others
A Final Note
about this online class
typical semester
face-to-face on campus has...
How this compares to
15 weeks of class
3 hours of class each week
finals week
3-hour class in a
regulated time to meet for class
online learning
15 weeks of class
10 weeks of class
3 hours of class
each week
equivalent of 4.5 hours
of class each week
a set time that class
meets each week
the student is responsible
for listening to and reading
lectures, watching for weekly
reading assignments, homework
assignments, and quizzes
finals week,
no class
review week,
by which the final exam
is taken by the end of the week
Your professors
to give A's
(it's true)
I want you to get an A!
...but it's up to you.
Check in regularly to complete assignments
Pace yourself, as if you
are actually attending a class
three days each week
Some pointers for making
a good grade in this class...
Email me with questions
or problems.
Please... do not wait until the due date to ask
Please... do not wait until the end of the semester
Girolami Frescobaldi
Alessandro Scarlatti
Antonio Vivaldi
Off we go....
All assignments are due
on Wednesdays or Saturdays
Go forth, and do wonderful work...
The last assignment for the first week is a Syllabus Quiz,
which is posted in Blackboard. This is so that you understand what is expected of you in class.
You will not be able to continue into Week 2
until you have completed the Syllabus Quiz.
So, complete it right away. Then you can complete
the other material that is due this week.
Welcome to Fundamentals of Music. Please read
this entire presentation, as it contains important
instructions, as well as a brief introductory lecture.

When you have correctly answered all the questions, the next materials will appear on Blackboard and you may work ahead on content that is available.
This is the end of the overview.
I look forward to helping you this semester!
1) Rhythm

2) Meter

3) Pitch

4) Melody

5) Harmony

6) Tonality

The Six Parameters of Music
Click play to hear the final result of our example.
(Obviously, Beethoven's music is a little more complicated than our simplified example.)
...just to name a few
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