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The Pregnancy Project

No description

Danise Herrington

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of The Pregnancy Project

The Pregnancy Project

a memoir

by Gaby Rodriguez

This Book Was Broken Off Into Three Parts
Part 1 - Conception
Part 2 - Preg-Not
Part 3 - Postpartum Impression
Author's Purpose
My Authors Purpose For Her Memoir Was To Prove That You Can Overcome Any Struggle Or Stereotype. She Is Trying To Show That You Are The Only One That Can Control Your Life
My Author's Intended Audience Was For Pregnant Teens & Struggling Teens Everywhere Who Were Being Targeted By Stereotypes, And Needed To Be Reminded That Life Will Get Better.
Danise Herrington
6/13/14 Period 3

Part 1
Her Mom Married The Man Who Got Her Pregnant In The Eighth Grade
She Had Her First Kid With Him When She Was 15 And Had 6 More With Him After ( 3 Girls & 4 Boys )
He Divorced Her
1 Year Later He Abandons His Kids
Gaby Is Born
Gaby's Father Was A Jerk
Family Stereotypes
She Knew She Was Going To Be Different From Her Family She Just Didn't Know How Yet
Part 2
Gaby Was Extremely Focused On School Life (AP Biology, A Student)
Jorge Was Her Boyfriend He Was a Senior
Then The Idea Came
She Only Told Jorge, Her Mom, & Best Friend ( Both Their Families Were Mad )
Preparation (Teen Mom Group, Counselors, & Doctor)
The Big Reveal
Part 3
Kids & Teachers Believed She Did This Project For Popularity
Interviews (ABC, NBC, CBS, Good Morning America, ect. )
Stalking ( Phone, Followed, Called Relatives )
Graduated in Top 5% Of Her Class, & Is Attending Columbia Basin College (CBC)
My Opinion
Thesis Statement
Idea #2
Idea #1
Idea #3
My Author's Thesis Statement Was To Help People Realize That Even Though Stereotypes Seem Overwhelming At Times They Are Possible To Overcome.
Gaby Continually Tells Her Brother That He Has A Choice To Not Be A Drunk, And That He Can Stop Whenever He Chooses Too.
Gaby Showed A Bunch Of Videos On Stereotypes When She Was Presenting Her Senior Project.
It Was One Of The Main Reasons She Wanted To Do The Project In The First Place
" But On A More Personal Level, I Also Wanted To Open Up A Discussion On Stereotypes And Statistics" (pg.77).
"Then I Showed A Short Video I Found On YouTube Called 'Stop Stereotypes. Now.' It Showed Pictures Of Children Being Excluded And Whispered About..." (pg 154).
"My Second Video Was A Public Service Announcement...It Showed Kids Holding Up Large Signs With Negative Stereotypes About Teens Written On Them : That We're Party Animals,
We're Bad Drivers, We Make Bad Decisions, We Are
Self-Centered, And So On
"You Don't Have To Live Down To The Stereotypes People Have About You,' I Had Said To Him Earlier. I Knew How He Rationalized His Drinking : His Father Was An Alcoholic, and People Had Been Telling Him His Whole Life That He Was Going To Be One, Too.
'I Can't help It. It's In My Genes,' He'd Say
'You Can Help It. You Don't Have To Drink"
(pg 57).
" By Society's Standards, People Don't Expect Much Of Me. But I'm Going To Prove Society Wrong, And I Hope You'll Join Me.
Our Time Has Come" (pg 216).
"Every Single One Of You Has The Power To Go To College And Graduate, And I Challenge Each Of You To Take This As An Example. You Have To Fight For What You Want In Life. You Can't Live Your Life Under A Stereotype. You Can't Live Your Life In The Shadow Of Your Brothers Or Sisters Or Parents; You Have To Live Your Life, And Make It A Good Life, Because You Only Have One" (pg 158).
My Author Doesn't Really Have Any Other Work To Be Known For Except This Book, But She Seems Pretty Credible Because These Are Her Memories; And She's The One Who Went Threw The Whole Experience. However There's No Way To Know If She Was Telling The Truth The Whole Time Because It Was From Her Point Of View, So It Might Be A Little Biased.
My Opinion On This Book Is That
It Was Extremely Interesting And
I Would Recommend It To All You
Guys. In The Beginning I Was
Starting To Think It Was Going To
Be Boring And That I Made A
Huge Mistake In Choosing It As
My Non-Fiction Book. But After
It Got Out Of The Whole Back
story And Focused On The Project
And How People Reacted Towards The News It Got Really Interesting. I Also Liked The Fact That It Had A Positive Message Throughout The Whole Book. It Made Me Start To Think How Lucky I Am To Have A Strong Family That Loves Me, And That I Can Get Through Anything Because Gaby Did And She Had Less Than I Did.
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