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No description

Erik Love

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of SS8H3a

SS8H3 The student will analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolution. a. Explain the immediate and long-term causes of the American Revolution and their impact on Georgia; include the French and Indian War (Seven Years War), Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, and the Declaration of Independence. French and Indian War Ohio River Valley Intolerable Acts-
Affecting Massachussets only:
Boston Harbor closed until damages from tea party paid
NO MEETINGS in MA colony without the PRIOR approval of the Royal Governor.
Affecting ALL colonies
British officials charged with capital crimes charged in Great Britain, not the colonies
Quartering Act TAXES TIMELINE:
1660's Navigation Acts
1764 Sugar Act
1765 Stamp Act
1767 Townshend Acts
1773 Tea Act 1754-1763 also known as the 7 years war? you do the math The first World War Very Expensive
Far Away
Long Duration
IT'S WAR 1754-1763 Time to pay for the war!!!
Great Britain Needs $$$ 2 ways to make money
make more: TAXES
Spend Less: Proclamation of 1763 MAKING MORE $$$ Spending Less $$$ April 19, 1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord THIS IS OVER A YEAR
Before we sign the Declaration of Independence Required colonies use British shipping to move goods to/from Great Britain Tax on Sugar and molasses imported from the West Indies Tax was in the form of a stamp to be placed on certain good proving that the tax was paid:
legal documents, magazines, newspapers and many other types of paper used throughout the colonies Taxes on:
tea Tea...duh Which leads us to British troops being stationed in Boston...because so many colonists there protested the taxes The Boston Massacre
5 March 1770
5 killed
most found not guilty after being tried
attorney was John Adams Boston Tea Party
16 December 1773
342 chests of tea dumped into harbor
some protestors dressed as indians (not really trying, though) THERE IS A MASSIVE WAR DEBT But the war wasn't the French fighting the Indians! Taxation without representation!!!
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