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01.04 The Golden Age of Islam

No description

Teri English

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of 01.04 The Golden Age of Islam

key features The Golden Age of Islam Social House of Wisdom Economic Trading Network Intellectual Algebra Political System of Law This helped the spread religion, culture, and technology. The establishment of this made the Islamic Empire wealthy, and helped to simulate a lot of their cultural and intellectual achievements. The most well known Islamic mathematician, al-Khwarizimi, came up with the study of algebra. His textbook became a standard in European universities for centuries. The system of law developed by the Islams was based of the Quran. The book, Sharia, was invented to help people apply the Quran in everyday life and situations. The book regulates all aspects of life including, moral behavior, family life, business dealings, and governent. This was founded by Al-Ma'mun and built in Baghdad. It attracted scholars from surrounding continents. Its purpose was to translate literature and knowledge into Arabic.
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