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An Introduction to Diction

No description

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of An Introduction to Diction

An Introduction to Diction
What is diction?
Diction refers to the
author's choice of words
Think about it this way...
Diction is in Dictionary
. A dictionary is full of different word choices!
Connotation and Denotation
Connotation - the feeling we get from the word.
Denotation - the dictionary definition of the word
Example: Let's look at the word snake
Denotation - any of numerous scaly, limbless reptiles
Connotation - evil or dangerous
Why do we use diction?
Remember! Diction is the author's word choice

More detailed and interesting word choices lead to more detailed and interesting stories and poems!

Let's look at the word blue:
cerulean, navy, cobalt (these are all words for the color blue)
depressed, moody, glum (these are all words for feeling blue)
Your turn! In your notebook write down as many different words for happy that you can think of
Connotation has an emotional meaning
meanings can be positive
(has a positive feeling)
meanings can be negative

(has a negative meaning)
meanings can be neutral
(neither positive or negative)
(no specific emotion)
Let's try these words
Reckless vs. Adventurous
Hard worker vs. Workaholic
Unique vs. Weird
Home vs. House

What is the denotation for these words? What is the connotation?
Take a look at this poem
The fog comes
On little cat feet
It sits looking
Over harbor and city
On silent haunches
And then moves on
What are the connotations for the word fog? What about cat? How do these words make us feel?
Jim may be 92 years old, but he is still very
at heart.

Cindy's humor can be funny sometimes, but usually she really
for a 25 year old.

Life has its ups and downs, but it's good to feel
every once and awhile.
The connotation we have for snakes fits in this video clip. Can you imagine how different this scene would have been if it was a rabbit or puppy?
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