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ERP Simulation

No description

Brooke Lefler

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of ERP Simulation

Presented by: Andrew, Brooke, Bryan, David, Liz
SAP Simulation Results Team Dynamics
-Decision Process
Group discussions and preparation one hour before class -Responsibilities -Approaching Change
Collaborated on communication efficiencies
Mastering overall process restricted efficiency
Business Strategy -Initial Strategy
Strawberry small boxes; Advertising
-Evolution of Strategy
Adjusted advertising and production levels
-Use of Resources
Sim data influenced decisions
-Successfulness of Strategy
Peaked in Quarter 4
Process Execution - Cash-to-Cash cycle approach
Paid vendors immediately
-Change of execution approach
Found more conducive approaches to procurement and production processes
-Efficiency of cycle execution
Stock level strategies
-Performance of cash-to-cash cycle
Immediate payments enabled a stable credit rating
Results -Successfulness
Failure to adjust strategy effectively
-Positive Results
Adjusted production and advertising levels
-Negative Results
Stock management and adapting to the market
-What we would have done differently
Change BOM and Production Levels
Quarter 3 Final Report Quarter 3 Financials Quarter 4 Final Report Quarter 4 Financials Quarter 5 Final Report Quarter 5 Financials Thanks!! Team B
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