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The Wednesday Wars!

Just a plot diagram of the book "The Wednesday Wars"

Pearline Barrett

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of The Wednesday Wars!

By Gary D. Schmidt
The Wednesday Wars
The start of the conflict is that Mrs. Baker happens to be Holling's seventh grade teacher for the year.
Holling is told that he will be staying with Mrs. Baker every Wednesday afternoon when everyone else goes to either Hebrew School or Catechism.
Mrs. Baker tells Holling to do various chores and tasks around the classroom.
Mrs. Baker and Holling begin reading "Shakespeare" on Wednesdays; Holling is given tests and essays to prove that he understand the plays.
Holling ruins several dozens of cream puffs while cleaning board erasers; Mrs. Baker offers him one for cleaning the erasers, but this makes his classmates unhappy.
Holling goes to buy cream puffs for the class, but doesn't have enough money, so he promises the baker, Mr. Goldman, that he'll play a character named Ariel in a community play of "The Tempest".
Holling is rejected by his baseball hero because he was wearing his costume from the play.
Holling's dad goes into competition with Mr. Kowalski; this threatens to break Meryl Lee and Holling up.
Heather runs away from home to "find herself".
Rising Actions
Mrs. Baker takes Holling to an architectural tour of the city, and this helps Holling realize that what's on inside of things counts the most. He then sees the emptiness of his "Perfect House" without his sister being there.
Mr. Hoodhood and Mr. Kowalski's arguments over business are solved.
Holling sends money to the terminal so that Heather can return home.
Ms. Baker plans a camping trip for the class for end of the school year.
Holling describes through narrating that he has become more responsible and mature due to all the changes in his life.
Falling Actions
Mr. Baker is found and safe from danger, so to celebrate this event, Mrs. Baker and the entire class go to the airport to greet Mr. Baker.
Prezi By: Pearline Barrett, Nick Potts, and Kelli Dolan
The story takes place in the years of 1967-1968 in Long Island, New Jersey. Most of the story's location takes place at Camillo Junior High.
Main Characters
Holling Hoodhood - Narrator and protagonist of the story. He is a Presbyterian (this adds to the conflict).
Mrs. Baker - Holling's 7th grade teacher. She appears to be the antogonist at the beginning of the story, but gradually becomes an protagonist throughout the book.
Meryl Lee Kowalski - Holling's future girlfriend. Meryl Lee helps Holling later in the book when he's going through tough times.
Heather Hoodhood - Holling's older sister. She is very rebellious and sticks up for her opinion.
Mr. Hoodhood - Holling and Heather's strict business-obsessed father.
Mr. Kowalski - Meryl Lee's father and also Mr. Hoodhood's architectual rival
Mrs. Baker finds out that her husband is "missing in action" at dangerous time of the Vietnam War.
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