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Nexmo Solves Mobile Marketing for CRM & Loyalty Companies

SMS, USSD, Text to Speech

Angie Bell

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Nexmo Solves Mobile Marketing for CRM & Loyalty Companies

Nexmo processes transactions for over 20,000 customers in more than 150 markets

Use Cases:
Member Acquisition, Conversion & Retention
Use Cases: Engagement & Personalisation
SMS Marketing increases customer loyalty by 5% = increase overall business profits by 95% !


Receive Messages
6b+ phones
Send Messages
Cloud-based SMS & Voice API to process high volume of messages globally

Global Reach
Wholesale Pricing
Via Virtual Numbers
Real time provisioning
Some of the top enterprises and apps using Nexmo…...

We enable enterprises, apps and supply the wholesale market




Nexmo is backed by top VCs globally

Nexmo provides granular analytics on your traffic

We also gather conversion data from our key clients in real time!

We make the network transparent by publishing our global quality of delivery KPIs

Source: Zendesk and GoodData.

Our helpdesk scores high in customer satisfaction

“Answers were fast and to the point”

“Your customer service is quick and honest”

“Quick answer and relevant solution”

Reach and Price changes
Filtering knowledge base
Carriers specific restrictions
Getting started guides
Community helps

Reactive support with open knowledge base

Follow the life of the message from the cloud
Track quality of delivery and latency
Network query numbers via HLR

We provide you with cloud tools to reduce your hidden costs

User Acquisition -- Notification -- Alerts -- Promotions -- Call to Action -- Booking Confirmation -- Delivery Confirmation
Two-Factor Authentication -- One-Time Password -- Fraud Detection -- Payment Confirmation -- Person-to-Person Communication

Loyalty & CRM sector
Increase Spend!
Send new members a welcome SMS with instant reward redemption/URL link to mobile site
Follow up SMS after customer service call direct from CRM interface
Loyalty surveys directly via SMS using USSD channel (free to user)
Auto loyalty SMS notification when member is not available to receive calls

from SMS marketing!
Location based targeted promotions via SMS
Offer customised redemptions & rewards via SMS based on member profile (top high spenders)
Dedicated "SMS express check-out" experience through virtual number

Retention Strategy
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