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Consumerism Project

No description

Jaspreet Randhawa

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Consumerism Project

Are We a Throw Away Society? Consumerism Project Is There Evidence That the Goal Statement is True? Are We a Throw-Away Society? Even Food: 40 to 50% of edible food never gets eaten;
every year 45 billion dollars worth of edible
food is thrown away. I Think We Are a Throw-Away Society. When the iPhone 5 came out there were lines outside of apple stores of hundreds of people waiting.

The average person trades in their functioning car every 4 years. Most people get new cars, just for the trill of it.

Often, if someone's fridge were to break, they'd get all new kitchen appliances even though only one is non-functioning. Utilizing things until they no longer function Putting more time and money into finding more energy sources (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr What How
Many Who Survey (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr My mom Phone, car 2 Erica iPod 1 Erica's dad Laptop 1 My brother Laptop, phone 2 Emily Emily's dad Laptop, iPod Laptop 2 1 Abby iPod, phone, laptop 3 Jaspreet Fridge, tv, iPod, computer 4 It keeps the economy growing

Keeps factories and companies in business

It keeps the demand in advancement in technology

Some new discoveries could be applied to things such as health care: (higher definition in monitors improve the quality of x-rays) Is there evidence that the goal statement is false? Most of our natural resources are becoming consumed
Our landfills are becoming over filled
People are unessicarily discrading items
Resources will run out
When they do, there will be less jobs Consider alternatives to the way we live Research finding more efficient ways to recycle Finding more resources Finding more ways to utilize re-use programs Properly discarding items What is consumerism? Consumerism is the tendency of buyers to make purchases not based on need, but on satisfying wants. Environmental Costs: Factories making goods produce air pollution

Used goods pollute the environment (landfills)

People demanding more goods and specialties require more factories which take up animal and plant life Social Costs: We'll run out of resources

Meaning people will loose jobs

Which means people will loose money

All the factories and services will take up land where new homes could be built Benefits of Consumerism It makes people happy

Stimulates the economy

Keeps people making things (more jobs, more money)

Keeps the circle of money going

Keeps stores in business Costs of Consumerism: We will run out of resources

People will lose jobs and money

Discarded waste pollutes our environment

Factories create pollution

Consumption of resources used in the manufacturing of goods

The cost of fuel transporting the goods

People are going into debt- Canadian household debt has reached a record high and is among the highest in developed countries. Compared to twenty years ago, Canadians spend two and a half times more on goods and services What is a Throw-Away Society? A throw-away society is when people discard their functioning systems (electronics, appliances, vehicles) for newer, better systems. A throw-away society is influenced by consumerism. Is There Evidence That the Goal Statement is False? Resources are being consumed

Factories are polluting the air

Unnecessarily discarded items are filling our landfills

With less resources people will lose jobs I Think the Goal Statement is False: The cons definitely outweigh the pros. The benefits are limited, although there are some. We will run out of resources. Then, that will be it. Jobs will be lost, money will be lost, the economy would become weaker. Also, during the process of living this way, plant and animal life will be destroyed, also the environment will be heavily polluted. Alternatives: (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Alternative Behaviours Promote reusing (passing on functioning systems) Use systems until they no longer function Donate used parts of non- functioning systems Put time into fixing non-functioning systems Maintain your systems There are definitely useful alternatives to being a throw-away society. Instead of wasting a perfectly functioning system, you could donate it to a friend or family member who would appreciate it. Then, you could get a new system without wasting another one. If you have a non-functioning system you could donate working parts of it to create new systems. Run down systems could use time and money to be properly fixed. You could put effort into fixing them as apposed to just getting a new one. Also, so your systems last longer, you should maintain them. They'll be like brand new! These alternatives are extremely helpful and benefit the environment.
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