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The Nauseating Prezi

Made especially for Ruperto. CAUTION: Not for the faint hearted!

Nicole Cadelina

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of The Nauseating Prezi

The following Prezi you are about to play is NOT for the faint hearted! Those who are easily affected by motion sickness should be advised to NOT use this Prezi.

For others, however, please enjoy this nauseating Prezi! For best effect, play psychedelic music in the background. For even BETTER effect, press the left and right buttons rapidly. This Prezi may also be edited from time to time, so prepare for any future expansions!

Without further ado, let's start the Prezi - enjoy your nauseating experience! Just a small note: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- ...Mreow. RUPERTO!!!!!! If you're using this right now... DON'T.... VOMIT... ...YET! SO FAR SO GEWWWDD... Umm.... I'm a filler text. I dunno what to say now... BOYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Look at me,
I'M FREAKIN BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH Hur hur hur hur Ermegerd. NOW I'M Robert Downey Jr. Look at that booty. Show me the booty.
Gimme the booty. I want the booty.
Back up tha booty. I need tha booty.
I like the booty. Oh, what a booty.
Shakin' that booty. I saw tha booty.
I want the booty. Lord, what a booty.
Bring on tha booty. Give up tha booty.
Lovin' tha booty. Round booty.
Down for tha booty. I want tha booty.
Huntin' tha booty. Chasin' tha booty.
Casing tha booty. Gettin' tha booty.
Beautiful booty. Smokin' booty.
Talk to tha booty. More booty.
Fine booty. ...Booty
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