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Civil War: The Union and Confederate Grand Strategies

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Sam Stolzer

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Civil War: The Union and Confederate Grand Strategies

Union Strategy
The Union Strategy was called the Anaconda Plan, which was created by General Winfield Scott.
Anaconda Plan
Part one of the plan was to establish a naval blockade around the southern states which would block the trade.
The Anaconda Plan was named this because it was supposed to squeeze the life out of the South by starving them.
Part 3
The Union needed control of the Tennessee River Valley which was home to the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers that confederates used as travel and shipping routes.
Part 4
The final push was to take Richmond, Virginia, the Capitol of the Confederacy, which was lead by General Ulysses S. Grant.
Part 2
The Union planned to capture the Mississippi River to cut the South off from the Western Territories, this was decided at the Battle of Vicksburg.
Civil War: The Union and Confederate Grand Strategies
How the Plan Got the Name
The Confederates
President Davis wanted to use a strategy of Attrition just like Washington did in the American Revolution.
Davis's Strategy
This plan would be used to wear down the more equipped Union Army, but many of his Generals opposed this strategy.
Foreign Help
The Confederates planned on getting help from Britain and France, but their plans ultimately failed
Interior Lines

Forces would move into opposing forces' lines and move quickly allowing them to use many surprise attacks.
The Confederates were vastly outnumbered and underfunded so they were in the defense for most of the war.
My Opinion
In my opinion I believe that the Union had the better strategy in the Civil War.
The North planned on cutting off the South's Supplies from every direction.
On the other Hand
The Confederates planned to cut the Union in half but due to their low funds this could not be achieved and they were forced into defensive mode.
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