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Tycho Brahe

Amazing Astronomer

Jered Gibb

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Tycho Brahe

Why he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame
Disproved many astronomical theories before his time and became famous during the scientific revolution
Constructed one of the largest and most precise observatories at the time
Made the most out of his life which was a very interesting one at that
He disproved many of Aristotle's propositions on the universe
proved that the universe is constantly changing
showed the true nature of comets
Observations on planetary motion paved way for his apprentice, Kepler to help prove the heliocentric theory
He made the best measurements that had yet been made in the search for stellar parallax
Made most precise and accurate measurements of the stars all before the telescope was invented

Tycho Brahe's Castle
Tycho Brahe made many achievements which caught the attention of King Frederick II
The Danish King gave Brahe the island of Hven and a budget equivalent to 1% of the total Danish government's budget
With it he made Uraniborg
Brahe and Kepler
They very much did not get along
Kepler was Brahe's apprentice
Brahe set Kepler on the task of understanding on the orbit of Mars which was job that was very troublesome and time consuming
Ironically this was Brahe's downfall
After his death, Kepler took Brahe's data and made many discoveries thanks to them
Thank you!
Who is Tycho Brahe?
Born at Knutstorp Castle, Scania in 1546
Entered the University of Copenhagen when he was only 12
Astronomer of astronomical proportions
Fixed parts of Copernicus' theory
Gave accurate positions of more than 777 fixed stars
Credit where Credit is due
Tycho Brahe
By: Jered Gibb
Brahe's Young Life
Shortly after Tycho Brahe's birth in 1546 he was kidnapped
went to a university at the age of 12 to be a lawyer
became an astronomer after seeing a solar eclipse
got into a fight at the age of 14 over a math problem and lost his nose over it
World's biggest observatory
The Island and castle were given to him by Denmark's king after he had become famous
He threw many parties
Mostly he used his instruments to measure the paths of over 700 stars with the accuracy of only being off a half an arc minute or one sixtieth a degree
Also allowed other scientist to use it
Brahe's Adult Life
and Death
First to observe a supernova
became famous off of it and was given Hven
There he spent almost everyday recording the trajectory and angles of motion the stars traveled in
when he wasn't doing that he spent his days partying it up
It is said he died from bladder problems
Tycho Brahe challenged his pet moose to a drinking contest

...and won
they drank until the moose died.
The Conclusion
Made huge contributions to the scientific community at the time.
paved way for Kepler's success
Accurately measured the stars without a telescope
helped out his fellow scientists
gave a life lesson in how one should live their life to the fullest extent
please don't hold drinking contest against moose, you will lose
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