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The book

Lizette Herrschaft

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Matilda

Matilda Matilda is and always was a genius. By the time Matilda was 1 and a half her speech was perfect and she knew as many words as most grown ups,by the time she was 3 she taught herself how to read by studying newspapers and magazines that lay around in her house, and when she was 4 she could read very fast and well! Growing up as Matilda Matilda's family The conflict is Matilda's parents don't Conflict & Feelings Resolution Now matilda feels great because she lives with miss honey because she actully lives with someone who actully loves her feelings Matilda has a brother Michael,a mom,and a dad which of neither parents care about her or her future. Matilda's dad is a person who sells stolen cars for more than there worth and illegally. Matilda's mom leaves the house to play bingo every day. Michael (Matilda's older brother) is 5 years older than her so goes to school a little bit earlier than her and so before when she is to young to go to school she is left alone. Main Characters Lavender Now that she goes to school she meets her teacher and loves her Miss Honey but hates her principal THE TRUNCHBALL DUN DUN DUN...... Setting The main settings are at the school Matilda goes to, matilda's house,and miss honeys house(cottage) because she is very poor The End care about her and they are really mean to her just because and when it comes to her brother Michael really nice because they think he can carry on the family buissness. Middle The resolution of the first conflict is that she gets to move with miss honey into Miss honey's dad's house instead of her regular little cottage miss honey was living in before Matilda came and helped out Miss honey with her aunt the TRUNCHBULL DUN DUN DUN The second conflict is that at Matilda's school they have a really mean principal THE TRUNCHBULL and the worst part is that THE TRUNCHBULL is her favorite teacher's (the best one) aunt. The resolution of the second conflict is that she gets rid of Miss Trunchbull because one day Miss Trunchbull is haunted because of Matilda she is a hero. Trunchbull Family Miss honey Miss Matilda - is a young girl who admires Matilda is a young brilliant girl who learns that she has super powers - does not care about Matilda and are very selfish - A really really mean principal - - a pretty pale teacher who is the kindest person ever to Matilda In the beginning Matilda plays tricks on her family. Beginning End So first she plays a trick on her dad including a hat and superglue. which she puts on his hat but her dad didn't know so he put it on and it got stuck and eventully they cut it off and little pieces of hat where stuck there and most of his hair was gone. The next trick she plays involves a parrot under a sheet under the chimney. Which she uses to be a ghost to scare her family making them think there is a ghost in there house. The last trick she plays is on her dad.She first gets some of her moms blonde hair dye and puts it inside her dads gel bottle and when he put it on in the morning it dyed his hair blonde. In the middle Matilda finds out that she has powers. When THE TRUNCHBULL blames Matilda for a prank she didn't do which was putting a newt in her drinking water so Matilda uses her unknown powers to tip the glass with the newt so it would go on THE TRUNCHBULL and that's how she finds out she has powers. And at the end Matilda's are moving to Spain because her dad was selling cars illegally so Matilda asked if she could stay with miss honey instead of moving to Spain and her parents said yes so now she lives with Miss Honey so the first actuall thing she uses her powers for is helping out miss honey by getting her dads house and fortune back by petendin to be the ghost of miss honeys dad and haunting her. then the next day she disapeared and miss honeys dads will turned up and all of his things belong to miss honey
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