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Project Scope Management

No description

Jerry Chong

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Project Scope Management

Scope Planning
Control requests for changes
Scope Definition
The preliminary scope statement
Developing WBSs
DOD, provide guidelines for preparing WBSs (PERT)
Creating the WBS
Decomposition is subdividing project deliverables into smaller pieces
Thank you!
What is the 'box'?
refers to all the work involved in;
Chapter Summary
Scope Planning
Scope Definition
Project Scope Management
Not Thinking Out Of The Box...
Scope Verification
It is
very difficult
to create a good scope statement and WBS for a project
is a product/output produced as part of a project;
processes used to create them
creating the products of the project
meeting minutes
planning documents
hardware or software
Scope Control
Variance is the difference between planned and actual performance
Scope Creep
Also known as focus creep, feature creep, function creep, and requirement creep
Scope Creep Lesson
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Evolution
Project Management
It's all about perspective...
WBS Dictionary & Scope Baseline
WBS Dictionary:
Describes detailed information about each WBS item
How the team will prepare the project scope statement
Create the WBS
Verify completion of the project deliverables
Project Charter
Scope Statement
Project Management Plan
As time progresses, the scope of a project should become clearer and more specific
organizational process assets
project charter
approved change requests
Deliverable-oriented grouping of the work
Foundation document
project schedules, costs, resources & changes
planning and managing
Write tasks in a non-linear, branching format
Start with the specific tasks and roll them up.
Start with the largest items of the project and break them down
: Review WBSs of similar projects and customize
Scope Baseline:
The approved project scope statement and its WBS and WBS dictionary
It is
even more difficult
to verify project scope and minimize scope changes
Refers to uncontrolled changes or added objectives in a project’s scope
"Controlling Changes"
Influence the factors that cause scope changes
Ensure changes are part of integrated change control
Manage changes when they occur
Is Scope Creep always bad??
In what instance would it be good to have scope creep?
Customers get more than what was agreed upon
Companies are able to retain customers without losing the sunk cost of a project
Company to reevaluate internal processes for future activities
Companies to deliver new products and services for new revenue streams for the business
Client to finance some or all of their development costs
WBS Creation
Scope Verification
Scope Control
Formal Acceptance is often achieved by a customer inspection and then sign-off on key deliverables
Mapping of Knowledge Areas vs Problems
WBS is according to Knowledge Areas
Scope Baseline is crucial
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