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The concept fan linked to "jobs to be done"

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John Cooper

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The concept fan linked to "jobs to be done"

Ideas Concepts Directions Specific concrete ways of putting
a concept to work.
An idea must be specific.
It must be possible to put an
idea directly into practice General methods or ways of doing something These are very broad concepts
or approaches. The broadest
concept you can conceive becomes
the direction. Lets start with an easy challenge: You want to change a lightbulb in a room of normal height. Simple! You get a ladder... But what happens if you cannot find a ladder? In reality the "job" of the ladder is to
"raise you off the ground" in other words
the "job to be done" is to raise you off the
ground. From the "job to be done" we get a range of new alternatives to solve our problem to achieve the concept of "raising you off the ground" But in reality "raising yourself above the ground" is
itself one way of "reducing the distance between the
object and the ceiling" this can also be regarded as a
job to be done... Now we have a new "job to be done" to explore for alternatives

"reducing the distance between the object and the ceiling" From this we get the concept of

"lengthen your arm" This process is called a "Concept Fan" Ladder Idea Idea Idea Raising yourself
off the ground "reducing the distance between the
object and the ceiling" Lengthen my arm Concept Fan... The concept fan is an achievement technique How do we solve the problem? How do we achieve the task? How do we get somewhere we want to go? There are three components
to a concept map... Working example The challenge is to develop ideas to deal with a water shortage The challenge is to develop ideas to deal with a water shortage reduce consumption Increase supply Do without 3 Directions increased efficiency of use less wastage discourage use education about water usage new sources recycling less wastage from sources stop-water-using processes substitute other substances avoid need to use water 9 Concepts meter the water charge for water use raise price for water use water only obtainable from public
sources water only at certain times put a harmless bad smell
into the water ban use for gardens and pools publish names of heavy users threaten to ration water 9 ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas Your turn In groups of 3 - 4 develop a concept fan for... Reducing congestion in Guadalajara! Evaluation Feasible - Does the idea actually work?
Can the idea be made to work? Benefits - What are the benefits? Where do they come from?
Durable? Resources - Are the resources available for impleminting the idea?
(time, money, people, technology, mechanisms, motivation? Fit - does the idea fit the needs of whomever
is supposed to implement the idea?
(strategy, policy, agendas... Why does this help? Staggering working hours reduce peak load Improving flow along
existing roads Why? Why? Why? Get to work
quicker Reduce stress while
travelling increase national efficiency Why? Why? Quick warm-up exercise The tale of three maps... What is the "job" of a doctor? An alternative... Pay a doctor to keep you healthy
stop paying during the times you
are sick Can we apply the same principle
to the police service? Judge a man by his questions
rather than his answers...

- Voltaire Solutions! The jobs to be done Idea! Car Pooling What is the "job" of a map? What is the concept? Concept! Increasing the number of
passengers per vehicle What ideas come from
this concept? Sometimes it is very difficult
to think of ideas from a concept.
The Lotus Blossom technique can be
used very effectively to generate
ideas from concepts. Concept mapping is very dynamic! zxcvbnmasdfghjklpoiuytrewq
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