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TES Strategic Plan 2011-2016 - Logo

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Sarah Osborne

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of TES Strategic Plan 2011-2016 - Logo


We will align TES budget with the Strategic Plan and execute the budget with precision.
We will aspire for all TES community members to demonstrate a strong sense of community and pride.
Srategy One: Board
Strategy 2: Budget
Strategy 3: Community

By 2016 our pioneering, innovative and multilingual graduates will be among the happiest IB students within Latin America, striving for excellence.


By the year 2016, 90% of our graduates will obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma. 80% of teachers in the Diploma Programme will be IBDP examiners and there will be 14 IB workshop leaders (PYP, MYP, DP)

We will develop and implement a TES Master Plan that enhances student learning and supports the Strategic Direction and mission and vision of the school.
Strategy 4: Construction
We will empower our own professional educators to publish books, articles and academic guides for TES and other IB Schools in Latin America.
Strategy 5: Editorial
We will raise academic standards across the whole school and increase the number of Diploma options offered; including introducing Mandarin as a fourth language. We will ensure our curriculum is mapped effectively and will aim to raise the number of IB examiners and workshop leaders on staff. We will reduce class sizes and teacher student ratio and ensure our students learning styles are accounted for.
Strategy 6: Academic Excellence
We will examine all revenue sources to ensure long-term financial sustainability in order to meet our infrastructure, facility and student needs.
Strategy 7: Financial Stability
We will endeavour to recruit, retain and develop a high quality team of professionals. We will ensure our educators are highly skilled in technology and are bilingual.
Strategy 8: Human Talent
We will develop and implement plans to ensure our students are global citizens, and are emotionally intelligent. We will ensure our students care about the environment and have a social conscience. We will facilitate a long-term student exchange programme and will cultivate student leadership.
Strategy 9: International Mindedness
Strategy 10: Communications & Marketing
We will construct and implement a clear marketing and communication plan for TES. We will maintain coverage in the local, national and international press. We will implement a full customer service programme for our clients and will create mechanisms to maintain contact with any community members who leave TES.
We will implement our Technology plan and provide training for our educators. Technology will be updated, reliable, flexible and integrated into our curriculum in an interactive way.
Strategy 11: Technology

What will the future look like?
School of tomorrow???
How have schools evolved?
Together we can make a difference...
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