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The life cycle of the monarch butterfly

this is the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and the four stages that it goes through in its life.

rachel le marquand

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The life cycle of the monarch butterfly

A butterfly goes through four stages of life. From when the egg is first layed and hatched, until the butterfly is an adult and the cycle begins again. The first stage of the cycle is when the Monrch Butterfly lays her eggs on the underside of the milkweed plant. It takes place under the leaf as a form of protection. 3-6 days later LET ME OUT!!! The eggs have now hatched and the caterpillar emerges, beginning its hungry journey. It will eat around 30 leaves before it is ready for the next stage. The extreme makeover! Th caterpillar is now a pupa and begins to form a chrysalis. It
does this by attaching itself t the milkweed plant, while hanging
upside down. this will be the pupa's home as it begins its tranformation Finally the day has come and the pupa is now... A BUTTERFLY The cycle begins again The Life Cycle
of the
Monarch Butterfly
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