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Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise

No description

Alan Kuo

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise

The First Experiment
As a teacher she created the "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" exercise for her 3rd grade students in 1968.
Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise
Origin Of Experiment
Jane Elliot thought of this exercise after the assassination of Martin Luther KingJr. She was watching on the television about the assassination and the experiment came to mind.
Jane Elliott
Born: May 27 1933 in Iowa(80 years old)
An anti-racism activist
Created the blue-eye/brown-eye exercise for her 3rd grade students
Then made the exercise for adults as well

Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise
This exercise demonstrates racial stereotyping and discrimination by temporarily segregating her students according to their eye colour(blue/brown)
By: Alan Kuo & Austin Chou
The Brown/Blue eye experiment
On the first day the Elliot tells her class that blue eyed people are smarter then brown eyed people, they are like the white people. They get to have more freedom. The brown eyed people were like the dark skin people they have less power and freedom.
On the second day the brown eyed people get more power. Elliot let the students realize the feelings of the dark skinned people. She lets them understand how dark skinned people feel.
The Brown/Blue eye experiment
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