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Animals Under Threat: Asian Elephant

No description

Sarah Clancy

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Animals Under Threat: Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant Asian elephant bulls have long been hunted for because of their much longer tusks than the female. Elephants now are being forced to move farther and farther for people needing farms. There is now little room for elephants. People have tried to help them by putting them in zoos, but even the best enclosures are up to a hundred times smaller than the elephant's home range. An endangered species Vocabulary... browse- foliage and woody material that elephants eat
peninsula- a long piece of land that sticks out like a finger
creche- where young are kept in a group In China, today, researchers have estimated there are only about 300 elephants left in China, but more than 500 elephants of a species of the asian elephants are needed so the elephants are not too closely related. If elephants are too close in a family and they mate, the can die of the same disease. Entire populations can be wiped out. uh oh.... pg.7-9 by Tracey L. #14 Elephants are herbivores which means they eat only plants. Elephants eat
a diet of grasses and browse and sometimes, fruits, flowers, and roots.
They eat and select from as much as 400 different plants. What they eat
is different from every area. yum! Elephants are disliked by farmers because the bulls often raid them for food (crops) and trample other crops while eating. Farmers sometimes poison elephants to stop them from crop raiding. About 110 to 120 elephants are killed each year. pg.14-15 pg.12 pg.10-11 pg. 28-29 pg.34-35 People can help by buying (if it is wood) legally harvested timber instead of objects made from not legally harvested timber.They can also join a group that helps save both Asian and African elephants to help raise awareness of the treatment of the elephants or donate money to the group. FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Why I chose this book I chose this book because I wanted to learn more about the animal that was endangered in China. About the book Th book I got information on is called Animals Under Threat : Asian Elephants by Matt Turner. The End!!!!!!
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