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No description

Mika Schlafli

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Hetalia

2P! Hetalia
Wait there is more? Why yes. 2P means 2nd player. 2P! Hetalia characters all have a 2P side a 2P side is a dark version of that character.
Who made Hetalia
Hidekaz Himaruya is the creator of the series Hetalia.
What is Hetalia?
Hetalia is an anime comedy that personifies countries. There are two series: Hetalia Axis Powers which is mostly during world war 2, and Hetalia World Series which focuses on many world events. Hetalia World Series has not been dubbed in English yet. Also there is a movie called Hetalia Paint It White in which the earth is invaded by aliens called the nopras and the Allies and the Axis have to team up to save the world.
Who are the characters
Greece, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Chibiitalia, Roman empire, New Zealand, America, England, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Belarus, Estonia, France, Latvia, Spain, Russia, Poland, Roma, Antiqua, Holy Rome, Romano, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Egypt, Monaco, Turkey, Hong kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Cuba
But wait who is this?/\
Famous line from Russia:
You become one with Mother Russia, da?
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