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Stay in school PSA

No description

Sydney McCray

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Stay in school PSA

Stay in school PSA
Why do people drop out?
There are many reasons why students drop out of school. Sometimes they are failing a couple of classes, or they have family responsibilities they have to deal with. Students come up with excuses like that the classes aren't interesting enough or Parents/family/adults have low expectations. Also, they have drug, alcohol or mental health problems


1.)82% of prisoners in America are high school dropouts
2.)High school dropouts have a life span that is nine years shorter than people who graduate
3.)in October 2006, 17,000 students 30 years of age and older attended a public elementary school.
4.) 80% of high school drop outs work at Walmart for the rest of their lives.
5.) 15% of high school dropouts get shot by hobos.
How to stay in school
1.)Get involved with the right crowd. Meet them in school clubs, and know who they are by the good grades that they get.
2.) Stay away from drugs, smoking , and alcohol.
3.) Study and make good grades.
4.) Get evolved with extra curricular activities

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