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Ravelry Know-How Tutorial

A tutorial on the four basic areas of Ravelry. Use mouse clicks to jump ahead and arrow keys to navigate slide-by-slide. I recommend to view prezi in full screen. Select "Download" to save as PDF (videos not available through PDF).

Erika Ripley

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Ravelry Know-How Tutorial

What is it and why should i use it?
"Facebook for Knitters"
Visually organize your projects, stash, and fiber online
Search for patterns
see your friends' WIP as they update
Join like-minded groups and chat on forums
how do i sign up?
1. click join now!
2. enter current email address
3. check email for activation link and follow provided link
4. choose username and password
what next?
ravelry basics
organizing your stash and projects
searching for patterns
adding friends
how to use the forums
these are a few of my...
favorite things
adding a photo to a forum
Yarn Stash
1. Start by mousing over "my notebook" and click "stash"
1. Note what type of store you purchased yarn from
2. Link the name of yarn and
3. Link the yarn company
4. Link the specific shop or festival
By linking you are adding your information to Ravelry's database. This allows others to search for specific yarns and see where others purchased it from. It's also important to link your LYS to give them free online marketing!
Here you can input as much or as little information as you want for the underlined sections. Those not underlined were provided from the previous page.
If you are in groups, you can share this stashed yarn with a specific group. The stash entry will then be displayed on the group page and when clicked on, members will be redirected to this page for viewing only.
You can also rate this yarn. Ratings will be shown on the Ravelry's yarn page for the specific yarn. You can view photos of the yarn in others' stashes as well as projects made out of this yarn for inspiration by clicking the provided hyperlinks (underlined).
click me!
three options when finished...
will take you to last page
will take you to first stash entry page
will take you to add photos
will take you to stash homepage
you can upload photos from any photo-sharing site or from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The first image will be the one displayed on the stash homepage.
on edit yarn stash page you can select if a yarn is used up, to trade/sell, or gifted. They will show up in these appropriate tabs.
If a yarn was used in a project, the updated amount will be displayed
search within your stash for yarns with specific qualities
sort the order in which your yarn appears
Fiber Stash
You can also organize your fiber stash on Ravelry! Select the "fiber stash" tab from your stash homepage to get organized.
click me!
Follow similar steps as stashing your yarn, to stash your fiber
Under "Attributes" you can add any specific information to let you and others know how the fiber was prepped.
Fiber content and its percentages can be added in. A drop down menu will appear with all fiber types and breeds for you to choose from.
ravelry handspun features
Your fiber stash entry will display both finish yarn and the finished project!
click me to begin
a spinning project
If you click on a tagged attribute, it will show you everything in your stash with that same attribute
spinning projects will show up in your "handspun" section of your notebook
Attributes for a project work just like they did for your stashed fiber. Here they let you know specifically how the yarn was prepped, spun, and finished.
Have multiple wheels? Let yourself and others know what you spun this yarn on
You can add in as much or as little information as you want.
click to add photos
hint: if it's in a green box, that means it's a tag! try clicking on it to see what happens.
click to
add new project
use pull down tabs to sort your projects in a variety of ways
view projects by thumbnail or by list
1. Name project whatever you please!
2. Select the specific craft: crochet, knitting, loom, machine, weaving, or spinning
3. Select where you found the pattern
4. Link source of pattern by providing its name and (if applicable) its source
linking gives credit where credit is due. Please remember to source your patterns!
project edit page
click to add photos
if project is for a fellow raveler, use this to link them!
link a second pattern if combining two together
make note of what size hooks or needles you're using. You may forget later on and others might want to match your gauge!
Use status bar to update percentage complete or note if finished, hibernating, or frogged
Use faces to rate your happiness with your finished project. Did it come out as expected?
Click on the calendar to make note of when you start and finish a project. It's cool to see just how long a project took!
Share this project with any group you are in, just like with stashed entries
Rate the pattern and its difficulty to help others determine if this pattern is appropriate for them.
click here to open an in-window window of your stash. Select your project yarns here.
enter skein amounts here. You stash entry will automatically update the remaining amount of yarn
Write down any mods in your project notes. When you go to make that second sock, glove, or sleeve you'll know exactly what you did. This also gives other members the ability to use your mods and rate your project as helpful!
Once saved, you can select who can view this project by clicking the far right button. It is automatically set to "Ravelers only." For those without accounts you can provide them with a link to view (Invite) or make it visible to anyone visiting.
Update your completion percent from your project homepage by clicking on the percent then mousing over the progress bar.
click here to organize quickly
Chose a tag that pertains to you and that project. While tagging something "cute" may get your project more views from other Ravelers, a descriptive tag like "hat" or "intarsia" might be more helpful for searching within your projects
hint: a tag can only be one word. Ex: "in-the-round" is a single tag while "in the round" will show up as three
what is a tag anyhow?
Tagging, or #word, is a way to organize searching. By adding a tag to a project, stash, or forum post, you are attaching a specific search term to that item. When that term is searched for (ex "hat") all things with the tag "hat" will appear in the search results. Ravlery's tagging system has the hashtag (#) already built in. Do not add # to your tags as "hat" and "#hat" are two different search items and results will greatly differ.
organizing with tags!
Click to add tags. Separate each tag with a space.
Use "sets" to place all projects with a certain tag into a folder that will appear on your tab bar (below)
Here I have clicked on #hat from the previous organize screen. This has allowed me to view every hat I've ever made on one screen! Through the use of proper tagging you could see all projects that use certain techniques (#intarsia #cable #in-the-round) or that was made as a gift (#gifted) or that ended up not working (#frogged). The organization possibilities are endless!
Many ways to search
from the homepage
you can also search for other things by selecting the pull down menu!
from the pattens tab
search by term or browse by hitting "search" with an empty bar
knit but don't crochet? make sure your settings are personalized correctly here. Or if you do both and only want search results for one, change it here!
Here are the top 5, most popular, patterns on Ravelry. By clicking HERE you can browse through patterns in order of popularity. This is a great way of seeing what's new on Ravelry!
browse for a specific garment quickly with these links
browse quickly for free or purchasable patterns with these links
highlights are created from your past searches. Ravelry figures out what you like and makes suggestions for you here
Recently looked at something and didn't favorite it? Check here
The newest of the new patterns are featured here. Refresh to see them as they're published!
A random construction technique will be featured here. Refresh the page for a new one!
These are popular tags, or "attributes" you can search within by clicking on one
Didn't see a tag above you wanted? Use this link to search for the one you want.
here I have clicked the "search" button to bring me to this screen
The left side bar is where you can refine your search. There are many options for you to choose from!
refine your search
Category is the specific item you wish to make. Open folders to filter further
Attributes are a great way to filter for construction qualities, drape, color, shapes, and design
Don't have any babies in your life? Use this filter box to search to age, gender, and fit specifics
These filters are great for searching for patterns when you have a specific yarn/yardage amount that you don't know what to do with!
Only have certain sized needles/hooks? Want to exclude all book patterns that aren't available online? Try these filters
You can also search by difficulty and by what language the pattern is available in
Want to see photo previews of the pattern? Hit "yes." Your craft should be preselected from preferences (on previous page). Finally, are you short on cash? Hit that "free" filter to see amazing free patterns only.
After selecting a filter this drop down menu will appear at the bottom. If more than one filter is being applied within the same box, choose from the following:
OR: searching for patterns tagged with "baby" OR "adult"
AND: searching for patterns that are tagged with both "baby" AND "adult"
NOT: omitting all tagged "baby" projects from search
Choosing the advanced option let's you mix and match filters to your pleasing
Share your filtered search with another Raveler by clicking "share link" and providing your friend with the given link.
Bring a specific filter box to the top of the page using this drop down menu
Find yourself searching the same thing? Save it for quicker browsing and to receive updates on the search
locate your saved searches in the magnifying glass on the tool bar
Lastly, you can filter the order in which the patterns appear using this drop down menu located near the search bar
learn how to utilize favoriting as well as additional Ravelry basics
So you've found the perfect pattern, now what?
Check to make sure you have the proper supplies, size requirements, and gauge before purchasing
Purchase or download here
if your pattern comes from a book, an amazon link to purchase the book will be displayed here, following the photos
is this pattern in your language?
"cast on" will take your to the project entry page.
"add to queue" will add this pattern to your Queue folder in your notebook. It will allow you to adjust the position within your queue from here.
"add to library" will save this pattern PDF in your notebook's library for later viewing
not sure what yarn to buy?
Click the "yarn ideas" tab to see the most popular yarns that other Ravelers have used for this pattern
still not inspired?
Hit the "Projects" tab to see all Ravelers who have this pattern in their notebook. This is a fantastic way to see color choices, modifications, and notes on pattern mistakes and helpful hints.
helpful projects are denoted by the lifesaver sprite. If you find someone's notes to be helpful be sure to rate it as such!
Please note
"Friending" on Ravelry is NOT the same as it is on Facebook. You cannot search for a specific someone using their first and last name, you must know their username in advance. Also, friending is a one-way street on Ravelry. Think of it more as following. For example, person A can friend person B, but B can choose not to friend back A. A will then be able to view B's Ravelry updates in their friend tab while B has chosen not to see any of A's updates.
search for people in the people tab!
most designers will pop up by their full name
ways to find people
Groups and forums
Project tab in patterns
Ravelry recommendations via "Neighbors" tab in friends
Someone friends you (you'll receive a message) and you friend them back
select this to add this Raveler to your friend list
check out their work to make sure you like their stuff and want to see it in your friend folder
don't send strangers messages unless asking for fiber-craft related help you know they can answer. Online fiber communities are some of the nicest online communities around. Let's try and keep it that way! Remember to always be kind!
find all your friends by going to "my notebook" and then clicking "friends"
select what kind of updates you'll see here
project photo, stash photo, queue added, favorite added, forum post, commented, handspun photo
select the second tab to view your friends activity
select organize to place your friends into groups
1. Create a new "set," or group
2. Select "Edit Sets" to check which groups you want this person in
Sets will show up in this drop down menu in your friends list and friend activity tab
you can also filter by what friends share common groups with you
When creating your profile or typing anything down...if you don't want ANYONE (even just one person) seeing something, don't put it ANYWHERE.
first things first
you need to join some groups!
use these links to help refine your search!
try searching for your current location to find knit groups who meet up locally
Awesome! you've found a group you want to join.
click here to join the group. Alternatively, this button will turn into "leave this group" once joined
Now let's take a look at your forum page by selecting the "Forum" tab
newly joined group forums show up at the bottom of your page. let's fix this
select this drop down arrow to see forum options, then select "reorder this forum"
select the forum location you want this group to be. The other forums will then shift down by one.
Next let's look at some ways you can customize your forums
clicking the settings tab will bring you to this page
deselect Ravelry's main boards you don't use to declutter your forum main page
you use these buttons to rate people's posts as educational, interesting, funny, ect. If you wish not to see some of these/not use some of these, deselect here
select this
just trust me, we'll go over it in a moment...
Organize your boards in a similar manner to organizing your projects. Click "add new tab" to create a folder. Click and drag your boards into which folder you wish it to be in. A board can only be in one folder at a time. You can also change the size (how many topics appear per board) of boards to small, medium, or large.
get to know your group
shared projects and stashes are displayed here
Learn about the group and its basic rules from the description
you can share a project or stash entry from its page in your notebook!
newest members and who's online is displayed here
the green arrow means this thread has been "stickied" and will always be displayed at the top
the lock icon means people cannot respond to this thread. AKA "Read Only"
search for a specific topic or information within this board with the search bar located at the bottom of the page
other fun group things
helpful and relevant group documents are posted here
full list of members are displayed here
group activity shows up here in the same manner your friend activity works
groups that many members are also a part of show up here
shared projects and stash entries are displayed under these tabs in a similar manner to browsing pattern projects
let's get posting!
click me!
click to go to group page
make sure your topic is descriptive enough
Use tags so people can search within boards and the forum as a whole. This helps lessen repeat topics!
magic links
Magic links easily creates a hyperlink to something/someone within Ravelry. Remember that box we checked earlier? This allows suggestions to appear as you create your magic link! Super handy for the forgetful.
to create a magic link begin with brackets [specific] followed by parenthesis (general)
now let's look at a thread
just checking in? click to go to the most recent unread post
search within the topic for items or replies by a certain person. Great for looking up your post in a massive thread for updates. Search your username in the "written by" bar
click to see the specific replies to this post
The (#) means how many posts this person has in this thread. Click the number to see the posts
ask yourself
Am I replying to a person or to the topic? Be sure to hit "reply to thread" or "reply" to post accordingly.
this will take you to the next unread thread
voting tools
Did you find this post educational, interesting, or funny? Do you agree or disagree with what was said? Or do you just love it all?
replying to a thread/post
you have the same text options as when creating a new thread. If you have problems or questions on how to do something click the "?"
managing your boards
Click the blank spot next the the number of posts to bring up "Topic tools"
"watch thread" will bump that thread to the top of your board when it has a new post and will stay there until you read it
"ignore thread" will do the opposite of "watch thread"
"mark unread" will mark the thread as new
"mark all read" will mark all posts as read
Hint: When you magic link a person, they will receive a message notifying them
that's all there is to it! if you have more questions check out the "for the love of ravelry" board in the forums
made with love by:
erika ripley aka:
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