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Lindsey Prezi V2_amended_1_04_2015

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John Barlow

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Lindsey Prezi V2_amended_1_04_2015

Key principles
Correct resource:
- Thin client folder: Agendas; National Rota Structure; National Inventory Planner;
Daily Task List
LAMs will investigate regional best practice and propose a national approach:
Reduction in loss of sales through stores no longer focusing on inventory preparation.
Area Managers and Store Manager hours can be invested back into focusing on store standards and employee development.
Greater depth of data produced relating to inventory.
Counting times and completion is quicker due to removal of MDT.
AM-Ops Director agenda to be used weekly
Direct leader agenda used at SM updates
Overview and Objectives:
Roles and Responsibilities

- Consistency – drawing ‘a line in the sand’
May Launch to Lead AMs
What is Ops 350?
procedural differences
Ops 350 is a full review of Aldi UK and Ireland’s operational processes and structure, to ensure that Store Operations are set to cope with future plans for stores.
Nationally, initiatives will be introduced which promote:
- Sustainability – future proofing processes
- Clarity – providing ‘a floor, not a ceiling’ for
- Efficiency – simple processes
Video one
Why is this needed?
High sales, more stores and more people means we have had to find temporary solutions to challenges
This has led to stores and regions using different processes causing:
Video two
May Launch
Structured Communication
National Rota Structure
KPI Dashboard
National Inventory Counting Procedures
- Due Diligence Diary
- Launch booklet
- manager can allocate staff members
to shifts
- More scientific approach
- Greater consistency in completion
- Increased support to SMs
- Allocates time to tasks
- Enter staff details, store sales,
customer counts
- Fixed task lists for employees
- Provides set shifts
National Rota Structure: Objectives
National Rota Structure: Benefits
National Rota Structure: Overview
- Protects management shifts
- Tailors output to different stores
- Transparent system
- More focus on analysing results
- National approach to when and
- Greater consistency in hours
how inventories take place
to improve performance
- Year to date information
can be monitored

- National prescription on time
- Pre-inventory survey to prompt
good preparation
- Inventory actions based on
areas of loss
- Defined agreements for action
National Inventory Planner: Overview
- Clarity on process so that cost
and standards are managed
Benefits of tool:
- Efficient and consistent
approach to actions post
National Inventory Planner: Benefits
- Heightened accountability on
response and improvement
- User-friendly system
- Remove duplication or
confliction of information
Process: E-Handbook
Overview and benefits:
- Search engine promotes efficiency
- Consistent formatting enhances
- Central management will ensure
correct information available
- Provide one avenue of communication
Daily Task List
- Computer based task list to be checked daily by management
- Avoids verbal or paper based information getting lost or misunderstood
- AMs can monitor task completion remotely
Overview and benefits:
- Reduce necessity to print and
Due Diligence Diary
- To promote consistent weekly upward feedback
Structured Agendas
- Master checklist to ensure
performance is monitored
- Outlining key areas ensures
limited to main points,
heightening efficiency
- Direct leader meetings with all
store employees to drive
Overview and benefits:
- More efficient completion of
diligence tasks
How have the communication tools helped you?
Store Rollout Session

- Overview and Objectives
- Rollout
- Lead AM Role and Responsibilities

June launch:
- National Rota Structure
- KPI Dashboard
- Store Compliance Dashboard

- Handbook
- National Inventory Counting Procedures

- Structured Communication
- Store Daily Task List
- Due Diligence Diary

Additional project areas

- Lunch

- Rollout Session and Supervision Sessions

- Computer based Training of tools

- Summary

Qu 3 2014
Timeline: The Approach
Qu 4 2014
Qu 1 2015
Qu 2 2015
Qu 3 2015
Qu 4 2015 - ongoing
Investigation into
best practice
- Defining what
to develop
Enhancing existing best practice/tools
Refining proposals
- Consultation on proposals
- Reviewing tools
-Preparing for rollout
- Investigation of further best practice
- June launch
- Rollout and supervision
- Defining further proposals

- Rollout of further best practice
- Potential rollout of new technologies
Winning achievements: Uncovered some excellent best practice, Developed some into very sophisticated tools; Consultation throughout has meant useful feedback which has been incorporated; Had resource available to push forward at pace

Overview and Objectives:
Roles and Responsibilities

LAMs will be on the project from 1 June – 31 Aug

- June – Rollout visits to stores

- July – Project work

- August – Supervision and sign-off visits to stores

Attendance at monthly AMMs
SMs and AMs to implement diligently and most of all, to approach with energy, enthusiasm and a can do attitude.
Overall goal: To successfully rollout Ops 350 training across your respective region, closely following instructions given by the PAM and meeting any deadlines in the process. It is paramount that all training is delivered with a really positive tone.

Overview and Objectives: Rollout Overview
Store Compliance Dashboard
Store Daily Task List
Due Diligence Diary
In practice
Analysis of hours being used
Annual budget planning
Weekly use to plan rotas
Monthly planning
Re-budget request
In practice
Rota planning
Inventory preparation
Inventory reconciliation analysis
Dashboards: Overview and benefits
Dashboards: Objectives
- Displays all performance
on one document
- Compliance dashboard
displays all diligence
- Results are
Thank You
- To motivate managers to
improve results
In Practice
Received by store at beginning of the month
Management to review
Use to drive improvement in performance
Use to engage staff
In Practice
To find a file quickly
To establish if guidance exists
In Practice
Management to check twice daily
AM to review at EOW
In Practice
- Management to complete daily
- AM to review at EOW
In Practice
ASM-SM agenda to be used at weekly EOW
SM-AM agenda to be used at weekly EOW
Technology Trials
Significant cost savings.
Potential to reduce frequency of inventories based on tangible performance (as shown in CBA).
Greater consistency and efficiency, through a single approach to inventory counting.
Technology Trials
Retail Analytics
Technology Trials
Electronic Price Cards
Through our efficient operations, we aim to ensure our competitive advantage and profitability”
Solution has to be efficient- it must reduce the costs associated with price cards, either in labour time or material costs, or both. The costs involved in purchasing, implementing and maintaining each of the three solutions pitched must also be assessed.
“Quality in all aspects of the business”
Solution has to have a good quality finish. It must display prices clearly and be attractive. It has to be robust, and do its job better than the others without compromising on efficiency. It must achieve consistency and standards through providing an easy format for stores to achieve 100% correct price cards.
Technology Trials
“Focus on the essentials”
What do the solutions need to do? Do we need any extra measures and if so do they benefit the solution in line with the previous two principles?
Technology Trials
Scanning Technology
July Projects
- AM organisation
- AM mentoring
- Store staff mentoring
- Sales planning
- Grand openings
- Specials Merchandising
- Specials Audits
- Meeting minutes
- Aldi Documentation
Run through presentation
Notes for slides
Tone, approach, length
Two hours
Store Rollout Session Agenda
- Introduction to project
- Set-up National Rota Structure, Inventory Planner and Daily Task List – demonstrate weekly use
- SM and AM test: set-up and weekly use
- Fully explain Dashboards, Due Diligence Diary, Agendas, E-Handbook
- Supervisory expectations and arrange re-visit
- Overview of further investigations
Frequently asked questions
Budget amendments
Accessing rollout folders and relevant resource
June project folders
National Rota Structure: Step-by-step use; Practice scenarios; Practical use
Training Session
(will move to room with computer facilities)
National Inventory Planner: Step-by-step use; Practice scenarios; Practical use
E-Handbook: Step-by-step use; Practice scenarios; Practical use
Daily Task List: Step-by-step use; Practice scenarios; Practical use
Agendas: Practical use
Store Supervisory Session
National Rota Tool: In use weekly? Rotas – comply with prescribed structure? SM to demonstrate weekly use.
National Inventory Planner: Up-to-date for month? SM to explain process pre and post-inventory.
Review the computer based programs:
E-Handbook and Daily Task List – SM to demonstrate use.
Check Due Diligence Diary and Agenda used
Question and answer
Completion of review report – feedback to Ops Directors
Key dates
Duplication of effort
National Inventory Planner: Objectives
- Provide one point of
access to reach all results
- Removes necessity to print
various documents
- User-friendly and efficient
Ops 350
- Complete overview of all
daily due diligence tasks
- All forms in one place, including
quarterly audit documents
- Heightens management
Overview and benefits:
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