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aina nadia

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of SLIDE VIVA

Presented by
LEADERSHIP AND EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT Behavioral Leadership (IV) Problem Statement to investigate the behavioral of leadership use in an organization may affect the employee commitment. Literature Review 2) Employee Commitment
(DV) overview of presentation 1) introduction
2) problem statement
3) research Objective & research Question
4) literature review
5) methodology
6) Findings
7) conclusion Introduction
Definition Independent Variable (IV) & Dependent Variable (DV) Belief, values and preference will encourage some styles and discourage others (Bass,1999) Employee Commitment (DV) charisma or idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration or attention. Research Objectives 1) To identify the effectiveness of leadership behavioral influencing employee commitment
2) To identify the relationship between leadership behavioral and employee commitment
3) To identify the significant of leadership behavioral towards employee commitment Research Questions 1) what are the effectiveness of behavioral leadership towards employee commitment?
2) what are the relationship between behavioral of leadership with employee commitment?
3) what are the significant relationship of behavioral leadership towards employee commitment? 1) Behavioral Leadership
(IV) 1) Task-Oriented 2) Relationship-Oriented 3) Relationship between Leadership Behavior towards Employee Commitment a) Conceptual Framework Independent Variable
Behavioral Leadership task-oriented
relationship-oriented Dependent Variable
Employee Commitment Affective Commitment
Normative Commitment
Continuance Commitment b) Hypothesis H1: There is a relationship between leadership behavior and employee commitment H2: There is significant relationship between leadership behavioral and employee commitment METHODOLOGY 1) Research Design was use correlational research design WHY??? 2) Population employee from FSSR UiTM, Shah Alam 3) Sampling Technique applied convenience sampling WHY??? To identify the effectiveness of behavioral leadership influencing employee commitment RO1 Variables Mean Std. Task-Oriented 3.752 0.534 Relationship-Oriented 3.376 0.685 RO2 To identify the relationship between behavioral leadership with employee commitment Variables Correlation (r) Sig. Value Task-Oriented 0.141 0.201 Relationship-Oriented 0.109 0.325 To identify the significant realtionship of behavioral leadership towards employee commitment RO3 RECOMMENDATIONS & CONCLUSION 1) Recommendations Behavioral Leadership Pearson Correlation Sig. (2-tailed)

Task oriented 0.141 0.201
Relationship Oriented 0.109 0.325 For Leaders For Further Research Study 2) Conclusions
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