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Guided Reading

No description

Jamie Saponaro

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Guided Reading

Guided Reading as part of the Balanced Literacy Program Balanced Literacy Read Aloud Help Students to explore and contemplate literacy work they are not yet able to read Shared Reading Students Participate in reading, learn critical concepts of how print works, and get the feel of reading. Literature Circles Enable students to think more deeply about text as they talk and construct new meaning. Guided Reading Show students how to read and support students as they read Traditional Reading Groups vs. Guided Reading Groups http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod15_guide_VS_traditional.pdf Goal of Guided Reading ....for students to read for meaning and construct new meaning. Why do Guided Reading? improve strategies successfully provide books that are challenging enough for students to problem solve and easy enough to be fluent and construct meaning implement skillful teaching to support effective strategies to become independent. What is Guided Reading to You? A Framework for Guided Reading What is the Rest of the Class Doing? Selecting Books Grouping and Regrouping Introducing Stories Supporting Reading Observing Reading Behavior Gathering Evidence of Mental Processing Managing Activities Is it?....... Credits:
Guided Reading
Fountas and Pinnell
Guided Readers and Writers
Fountas and Pinnell A Framework for
Guided Reading Lessons Selecting the Text
Introducing the Text
Reading the Text
Discussing and Revisiting the Text
Teaching for Processing Strategies
Extending the Meaning of the Text
Word Work What the Rest of the Class is Doing... Reading self-selected, leveled text , independently
Working on writing
Working with words
Other literacy tasks
or...Daily 5 What is Guided Reading to You?
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