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"Sonata for Harp and Bicycle"

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on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of "Sonata for Harp and Bicycle"

"Sonata for Harp and Bicycle"
By: Jade & Laura
Social Issues
Finding love
Social class struggle
Jason wonders about the building, and why everybody always rushes out at 5:00.
Jason questions Miss Golden about the mystery of Grimes building and she does not answer anything. As a result, he decides to stay in the building after hours to see what happens.
Jason sees the ghost of William Heron. He is then cursed with the fate of jumping off the fire escape, and is chased out of the building by the ghost.
The ghost of William Heron is represented by a bicycle because he was the night watchman of the building and always patrolled the halls on a bicycle.
The ghost of Daisy Bell is represented by a harp because she taught people how to play the harp.
Miss Golden tells Jason the story about Grimes Building, why the workers always leave at 5:00, and the love story of the two ghosts in the building, Daisy Bell and William Heron.
Miss Golden and Jason plan on returning to the Grimes Building to reunite ghosts Daisy Bell and William Heron, in order to rid Jason of the curse. In order to do so, Jason and Miss Golden trick Daisy and William into going into the same room. They see a bicycle and a harp sitting together with roses and wine. Then Jason and Miss Golden jump off the fire escape with a parachute and roses to fulfill the curse put on Jason.
Joan Aiken once worked as an advertising copywriter, as does her main character in "Sonata for Harp and Bicycle."
She also grew up in an old haunted house, which inspired some of her writings.
The sounds of the bicycle bell and its "tiny warning"
Nobody can stay in the Grimes Building after 5:00 pm.
The ghosts of Daisy and William haunt the building for years without meeting.
Background Info/ Setting:
Industrial Revolution (1950)
London, England
Advertising Company in Grimes Building
Background Info/ Characters:
Jason Ashgrove:
Devises a plan to reunite ghosts Daisy Bell and William Heron
Berenice Golden:
Jason's secretary
Gives Jason clues about the mystery of Grimes Building
Helps Jason because she loves him
William Heron
Ghost that haunts the building for 50 years
Patrolled the halls on a bicycle
Jumps off of the fire escape to his death after feeling rejected by Daisy
Daisy Bell
Music teacher
Ghost that haunts the building
William's love
Brokenhearted after William's death
Background Info/ Theme:
Theme: Love conquers everything
Grimes Building at night is dark and abandoned.
This might symbolize loneliness and dejection; meaning the ghost's story of lost love and eternal emptiness.
"Wash hands please," might symbolize the ridding of spirits.
Author Joan Aiken:
Conflict & Resolution:
Man vs. Supernatural
Jason fights against the ghost of William Heron.
Jason is told he will die within five days. He must figure out a way to beat the curse, so he reunites William and Daisy.
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