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No description

Alex Adams

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Chile

Chile Chile compared to the world Neighboring Countries Capital Andes Mountains The Atacama Desert Climate Bigger than Texas Natural Resources Copper, coal, iron ore,nitrates, precious metals, hydropower Exports Wine Copper People of Chile
(over 16 Million) Languages Spanish [main] Mapudungun Aymara Religion Roman Catholic Protestant Odd Tradition Pointing with the lips
Hands may be full Chilean Peso History 1541- Santiago
Pedro de Valdivia Independence-1818
Bernardo O'higgins
Jose de San Martin
Chile/Bolivia and Peru
War 1879-1883
Atacama Desert Military Rule (1924-1925)
New President (Arturo Alessandri)
Constitution (1925)
Current President
Michelle Bachelet (2006) Clothing Chamantos Regular wear
(Big designers) Dresses(Formal Wear) The Switzerland of South America Earthquake!
!8.8! Concepcion, Chile San Alfonso Del Mar Futbol(soccer) Tennis A couple of
Interesting Things
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