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Simple-Compound-Complex Sentences

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sinthu siva

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Simple-Compound-Complex Sentences

Simple-Compound-Complex Sentences
Compound Sentence
A compound is made up of two independent clauses joined by a coordinator

- Independent clauses are complete thoughts
- A coordinator is used to join the two independent clauses (eg. FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)

tried to speak in Spanish,

my friend
tried to speak English.
Compound Sentence
My friend invited me to a party,
I do not want to go.
Namrata Batish, Harkiran Bhogal, Kristela Santos, Sinthusha Sivakumaran
Complex Sentence
my friend invited me to a party, I do not want to go.
Simple Sentence
My friend invited me to a party. I do not want to go.
Compound Sentences
When creating compound sentences, you may need to use a comma. The comma needs to be placed right before the coordinator.

Ex. He handed in his homework
he forgot to give the teacher the last page.

The only time you don't need to use a comma, is when the sentence is very short.
Complex Sentences
A complex sentence is a sentence in which an independent clause must be joined with one or more dependent clauses.

- The dependent and independent clauses are joined with a subordinator (ex. because, since, although and when)
- Dependent clauses are incomplete thoughts, while independent clauses complete a thought.

Ex. The teacher returned the homework
noticing the error.

- When the subordinator is in between both parts of the sentence you do not use a comma
Complex Sentences
A complex sentence doesn't always have to start with an independent clause.
- When the subordinator is at the beginning, a comma is needed between both parts of the sentence

noticing the error, the teacher returned the homework.

Simple Sentences
A sentence that contains one clause.

- A clause usually contains one subject, one verb and is about one thought

The ice
The ice on the river melts under the warm March sun.
Two simple sentences
Types of Sentences


Compound - Complex Sentences
Is made up of 2 independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses

Ex. We decided that the movie was too violent, but our children, who like to watch scary movies, thought that we were wrong.

independent clause: "We decided that the movie was too violent"
independent clause: "(but) our children thought that we were wrong"
dependent clause: who like to watch scary movies

Compound-Complex Sentence
I like to go camping, I haven't had the time to go lately
, and
I haven't found anyone to go with.
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