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Oklahoma Twister

No description

Chase Clasper

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Oklahoma Twister

Chapter 1
Oklahoma Twister
My name is Joe Dirt and I’m going to tell you how I survived the Oklahoma Twister. I was watching the news with my Kids and it said that we were going to have a storm and it said that it didn’t know when it was going to happened. My kids were starting to freak out about the Tornado.
Chapter 2
As soon as we got there the kids put there electronics on the chargers and got ready for the twister that was supposed to hit at 3:00 P.M. and it was 2 a clock in the afternoon. It is now 2:30 and the clouds were coming you could hear the thunder and the winds blowing hard. So that was the point that we were all getting ready for the twister and we all start getting a lot of food to put in the cellar and we put the generator in there too. It is now 2:49 it is getting worse every minute.
Chapter 1
Chapter 4
The Tornado was done and we all survived to twister. It was now 6:00 Pm and the twister lasted for Three hours and When we went outside it look like everything was destroyed the house was destroyed and most of Oklahoma was destroyed and there was only one Store that made it through the Tornado and it was the IGA that was down the road and that were Makenzi Wilson Dirt work at.
Chapter 3
The Twister has hit Oklahoma and the door on the cellar has been making so much noise. I heard the twister nearby because the whole Ground was shaking. It was 3:47 and the twister was slowing down I told the kids that I was going to take a nap. The kids “No what will happen if something happens please don’t go to take nap. The dad was mentally and physically exhausted. Makenzi Wilson Dirt “Yea you shouldn’t go to sleep and you are supposed to stay up.
Now IM done
I told them that it was going to be okay and that we were going to grandmas. The kids were asking why we were going to Grandmas and I told them that you ask this every time and I said because she always wants us there just in case the tornado does come and we would be safe bring your phones and electronics and put them on the charger as soon as we get there.
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