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Harnessing Ocean Energy

No description

Kelly Y

on 3 December 2016

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Transcript of Harnessing Ocean Energy

Why is ocean energy a promising source of renewable energy?
What are some roadblocks facing the development of ocean energy?
Some types of wave power technology have negative impacts on fish, marine mammals, and birds

Tidal barrages prevent the tide from uncovering the mud flats that birds rely on for food and they prevent fish from migrating
Wave energy is
three times
more predictable and reliable than wind energy; variability occurs more gradually
The short distances between the population and the ocean makes transmittance easier and more feasible
Harnessing Ocean Energy
What is Ocean Energy?
By The Energizers (Kelly Yu and Grace Wu)
REEF tidal power concept
Wave energy
captures energy from the surface motion of ocean waves caused by winds interacting with the ocean surface

Tidal energy
harnesses the kinetic energy of the falling ocean tides caused by the gravitational pull of the moon
Wave Energy Current Technologies
Tidal Energy Current Technologies
Tidal Barrage
Offshore Turbine
Total recoverable resource along
the U.S. shelf edge is 1,170 TWh/yr
(1 TWh/yr of energy will supply around
93,850 average U.S. homes

with power annually)
Big Potential
Why California?
waves off California’s
1,100-mile coastline

can generate more than 140 terawatt hours
of electricity a year
Currently, California has
wave energy project up and running

The permitting process is long (
5-7 years
), complex (requires up to
14 permits
), and expensive

Not enough incentives in California to start ocean energy projects
well-developed transportation systems to transmit electricity to the grid

Collaboration between
The California Marine Renewable Energy Working Group
to make the permitting process more flexible and remove overlapping requirements

Advocate for legislation that establishes more
realistic requirements
to gain permits based on the existing or upcoming technology development
More Flexibility
More Tax Incentives
Tax incentives
attract private investors
and reduce developer's total tax burden

Sales exemption tax:
reduce cost of ocean devices
: Investment tax credits/ accelerated depreciation

California has
none of such tax incentives

Lobby to
California state and local legislators
for more tax incentives on ocean energy projects

There is a lot of
public skepticism
surrounding ocean energy.

Many protests, especially from environmentalists and recreation activists, have even halted pilot projects (e.g. Humboldt WaveConnect Project)
More Research
research and development zones off the coast of California as a test-bed for competing clean energy technologies

California has
many other potential test sites
, such as offshore oil platforms scheduled for retirement
Onshore Devices
(e.g. oscillating water columns)
an example is the marine center at
, a dock at the Port of Los Angeles funded through a public/private partnership
Thank you for listening!
Source: oceanwave.org
: devise a plan that helps California take
full advantage
of the abundance of unused sustainable energy
Public Outreach & Build Alliances
Oregon Wave Energy Trust: nonprofit public-private partnership
funds research
public outreach
brings together fishing and environmental groups, industry, government and interested citizens
California should follow Oregon's footsteps to
raise more awareness
about the promising nature of ocean energy
The adaptation of wave energy is
completely feasible
with more funding and research

have to
take advantage of this source of renewable energy in the near future
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