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Embedding Video in Prezi

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Ron Wright

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Embedding Video in Prezi

Embedding Video in Prezi
A Tellagami Story
Click on > to play....
Tellagami Example
1. Create Tellagamis on an iPad.
2. Save to camera roll one at a time.
3. Email from camera roll to your laptop. Save to desktop.
4. Insert one after another into Prezi.

Creating Animations
You can use Prezi to string multiple animations together to create a world of possibilities. Click > to see an example using Tellagami. This works well with Tellagami because they are small video files.
You can download video to your computer and then upload it to Prezi. If YouTube is blocked, this is a way to move appropriate YouTube video to another site so students can view it.
We have all figured out the YouTube embed. Just click the insert button, choose YouTube, and add your link.
However, you can also embed video directly from your computer!
Click the "Insert" icon. Choose "From file" and click through to the video you want to embed. Give it time to upload!
If you don't want to watch an entire video, just click the next slide arrow.
None of these videos played in YouTube. They are on Prezi's server. None of the videos uploaded exceeded 1MB in file size!
Other possbilities for short animated videos include Morpho and Sock Puppets. You could also screencast short videos like Voki's and GoAnimates to your computer.
Remember, a real key is to keep your individual files sizes small.
Try it!!
Uploading your own video will free you and your students from the restrictions of YouTube.
Beware of file size! Large video files will take a long time to upload.
One More Video Tip
To play a video full screen, just click anywhere on the video.
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