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Student Led Conference

The senior school experience

Shane Killoran

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Student Led Conference

My senior school experience Student Led Conference The Challenges Challenge #2 My goals I'd had two challenges during my transition into grade 8. The first was my very first day, I was terrified that i would be going to a brand new school where I didn't know anyone. I thought I wouldn't fit in or make many friends. I over came this by just taking a deep breath and thinking about all the good things that would come from going. I am extremely happy I didn't panic and break down because I wouldn't have met the people i know today. My second challenge so far was when all the grade 8's and 9's went to Strathcona. When I first heard that we would be going on an outdoor trip so early in the year I was pretty surprised and kinda nervous. I still didn't know anyone too well so I was worried. During the trip we did a lot of very fun activities like rock climbing, kayaking and an outdoor trip. In the end the trip was actually really fun and I made a lot of new friends because of it. The outdoor trip was my favorite part of the entire week, I love the outdoors, so I loved sleeping under the stars. I have two major goals this year, the first is that I want to improve my essay witting skills. My old school was a French school so we never worked on English writing, so when I came here I had no idea how to write an essay. Since the first days of school I have worked really hard on learning how too, I had to learn all the little rules and all the things I shouldn't do, and that is why one of my artifacts is this essay I wrote and got a mark of 6 on. I am very proud of it. I also consider this essay my greatest achievement.

My second goal is to make the rugby team this spring, I started playing for the Bayside sharks this year so that I could learn the rules because I had never played before. I had aslo worked hard on this in the fall so that I understand the game. I am very excited for the tryouts coming out and am looking forward to them. My brother and my sister both played rugby for there school and I hope to do the same. This is also connected to my second artifact, which is a rugby jersey, I think I would do well if I make the team and I hope I am given the chance. Question: Discuss your transition to the Southridge Senior School. What challenges did you encounter? How have you overcome these challenges. My First week at Southridge My first week at Southridge was surprisingly easy going. I was instantly accepted and by the end of the first day i already had a few new friends. The school work wasn't as hard as I thought it would and the timetable felt pretty natural. The only thing I found challenging was waking up at six in the morning. My weakness My main weakness this year is my lack planning, and not being organized. When I am given a lot of work I have a hard time keeping it all in track. This has had an impact on some of my work, sometimes I'll forget something that was due or I won't be prepared for a test. I've had the hardest time planning in my french class. Since I came from a French school this class isn't my top priority. Sometimes I'll arrive and there will be a test that class that i didn't know about. I've been trying harder to keep organized and this has yielded some positive results THE END
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