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Australian Curriculum Consultation ER

No description

Angela D'Angelo

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Australian Curriculum Consultation ER

Mathematics ACARA
ER Principals

Go8 Report; Mathematics in Crisis

A national curriculum will mean more efficient resourcing and fairer credentialing Australia wide.

Entitlement of all Australian children.

A great ideal in principle but it should not happen at the expense of quality

Advantages of an
Australian Curriculum •What is the purpose? To cover all learning or to cover essential learning?

•What are the FIRST Principles? Basically what is the essential curriculum entitlement of all students?

Achievement standards Overcrowded Content
Timeline for implementation.
Can it be done in time? •There seems to be a consensus that these are set too high as a "C" standard.

•Is a "C" achievable for most students?

•What will A and B look like?

•ACARA will not write descriptors for other grades, though work samples are provided.
Is there sufficient guidance or support
for inexperienced teachers? •Implementation now talked at being 2013. One year of preparation is required in NSW.

•Staged approach of implementation will be negotiated again especially for primary teachers.

•Yr 10 can't be implemented until senior course is available.

•Can a quality product be delivered in this timeframe?
•The content statements are deliberately broad.
Elaborations, however, are only suggestions and not mandatory.
This may lead to confusion or misinterpretation by the inexperienced
•Generally experienced and inexperienced teachers require more scaffolding such as that available in current NSW syllabus.

• BOS seeking to do this for NSW (Tom Alegounarias President NSWBOS, ACARA Board member)...BOS may be providing a programming template and perhaps providing more detail and structure.

Is sequencing,accurate, appropriate
and developmentally sound? How well are the general capabilities and
cross-curriculum dimensions included
in the curriculum? Is there evidence of this when the filters are applied?

What in the curriculum constitutes Numeracy?ICT? Literacy? Creativity? Thinking Skills?
•Is there evidence of coherent mapping?

•Are there gaps?

•Are sub strand headings consistent?
It is our job to find the inconsistecies,
gaps and problems
so that throughout Australia
teachers and students
will be delivered a quality curriculum Where are the connections between the Big Ideas of Mathematics? The content statements lack connectedness and there is little reference to interrelationships appart from the groupings in the strands.

Such connections would help students and inexperienced teachers make sense of the interrelated learnings within Mathematics.

Some of these "big ideas" would be proportional reasoning, rates of change and inverse reasoning. Providing feedback to ACARA on these issues...and any others ill help ensure changes toward the best possible curriculum for our students. Provision for diverse learning needs of students No pathways as they currently exist

Curriculum does not differentiate until year 10 (10A)

Is this too little too late? Mandatory hours? •The draft material was written to 4hrs /week; however there has been no decision on mandatory hours, such a requirement only exists in NSW; it is not the role of ACARA to mandate hours. •Is there enough time for “depth”?; paradoxically this was the stated aim in the Shaping Paper i.e “uncrowding to allow for depthing”.

•On what basis do we determine the amount of content knowledge? • Majority of content similar however higher expectations of students in lower and middle groups.
Content vs elaborations are unclear; elaborations are not mandatory, yet curriculum lacks specificity without them. the lack of prescriptive detail may lead to different possible tangents The Main
for Maths Clarity of Content Content Time Assessment Support Danger National assessment (NAPLAN) becomes default curriculum
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