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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

Paris Delgado

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Major Cities Include: London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham
Physical Geography
Lake Windermere: This lake is the largest lake in England. The lake is 2 miles long and 1 mile wide. The depth of the lake is 220 feet.
The History
The Capital - London
The Government/Economy
The people
The Culture
The Country Today
Nation's Leader: Queen Elizabeth III
Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy
Economy: Mixed Economy
Currency: Pound Sterling (British Pound)
Exchange rate: 1 british pound = $1.64
By: Andrea Padilla, Alyssa Uribe, Madi Timmons and Paris Delgado
- Parliament : 2 houses (The House of Lords and The House of Commoners)
- Government supports and regulates free enterprise through decisions that affect the market place
Prime Minister: David Cameron
Things to Know about the Government and Economy
The UK has no written constitution
The Queen has no real political power
The UK went through a financial crisis in 2008
The UK has the second largest economy based on GDP in Europe
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Giant's Causeway: 40,000 basalt columns out of a volcanic eruption helped to create the Giant’s Causeway. The myth goes that an Irish giant help to make this eruption.
River Thames: The River Thames flows through southern England. It is the longest river in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom.
Physical Geography
Spring is the period from March to May, generally a calm, cool and dry season in 46-55 degree weather.
Summer lasts from June to August and is the warmest season, in
60-64 degree weather.
Autumn in the United Kingdom lasts from September to November with weather ranging from high 40s to low 60s.
Winter in the UK is defined as lasting from December to February. The season is generally cool, wet and windy in the low 40s .
Environmental issues :

There are many urban areas in UK that have serious air pollution problem (London, Oxford, Bath). There was even one controversial study that suggested how air pollution is so serious in Oxford that walking in Oxford on an average day is equal to smoking over sixty cigarettes.
Food Wastage:
It is one of the major problems in United Kingdom. In 2007, food waste in the form of bread slices, potatoes, apples, weighed around 6,700,000 tons. The "Love Food, Hate Waste" campaign was the result of this food wastage, however, the problem is still far from under control.
Political/ Social issues:
In his Autumn Statement , the Chancellor announced the state pension age would be raised to 68 in the mid-2030s and 69 in the late-2040s. Britain's state pension system would have collapsed if action had not been taken to raise the age at which people will be able to retire.The move created union protests that young people were being expected to "work until they drop", but it was essential to prevent the whole system becoming unaffordable.
The Country Today
How can we help?
The International Fund for Ireland (IFI), created in 1986, provides funding for projects to generate cross-community engagement and economic opportunity in Northern Ireland (the United Kingdom) and the border counties of Ireland. Since the IFI's establishment, the U.S. Government has contributed over $500 million, roughly half of total IFI funding. The other major donor to IFI is the European Union.
Machinery and transport, manufactured goods and chemicals are Britain's largest export earners. The UK's Main exporter is the weapons industry, being the world's second largest contributor. The UK's pharmaceuticals industry is the world's third biggest earner and contributes 15 of the world's top 75 best-selling drugs. Britain is the world's second largest exporter of services, including banking insurance, stockbroking, consultancy and computer programming. Britain is responsible for some of the worlds biggest Entertainment Exports in history.
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Map/Flag of the UK
Major Language: English
other languages include Welsh and Scots Gaelic

Prehistoric Period: Approximately 30,000 years ago anatomically modern humans began to settle in the UK
Iron Age Britain- being of use of iron to the Roman Invasion
Roman Conquest: The Romans invaded Britain beginning around AD43
10th Century: Germanic Anglo Saxon Settlers became the “Kingdom of England”
1066 Normans invaded England
1337-1453 Hundred Years War – series of conflicts between England and France
Early Modern Period- 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries included Renaissance, Reformation, the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution, the Treaty of Union, Scottish Enlightenment, formation of First British Empire
Acts of Union: May 1, 1707 united the 2 kingdoms of Scotland and England
Act of Union 1801 created the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland
19th Century- UK became a naval and imperial power
1914-1918 UK fought in First World War and received League of Nations mandate- British Empire reached it’s greatest extent
1939 UK declared war against Germany
Modern day UK: global player in world economy and military. Scotland seeks independence as a sovereign state.
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The people in the United Kingdom:
are all different ethnicity's
speak the general language of english
and practice the religion of Christianity
The music and dance are somewhat the same as in America
The same holidays celebrated in America are celebrated in the UK with the exception of 4th of July. They also celebrate Twelfth night 1/5, candle mas day 2/1, remembrance day 11/11, may day 5/1, and St. Georges day 4/23
The most popular types of foods in the UK are seafood such as fish and chips
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