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oliver heyes

on 3 February 2015

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Examples of Cad/Cam
CAM - they are normally very expensive which means they can be hard to get hold of.

It can take a long time to write the programs. Which means that it could cause delays when it comes to writing the programs.
Disadvantages of CAM ?
CAD - Specialist training is needed to be able to use it

CAD software is expensive

Electronic files can be easily be copied so it might not be safe from competitors

If you're computer has a virus or is getting hacked it is very vulnerable.
Disadvantages of CAD ?
CAD - This can be more accurate then hand drawn designs.

You can modify existing ideas to make them better.

They can be saved electronically. this is good as on paper the file could get lost.

They can be easily sent to anyone using emails.

CAD drawings are a lot more accurate.

Its easier to create a new project as you just have to copy and paste an old one then edit it.
Advantages of Cad ?
CAD is COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN it helps to design templates. It is mostly used for drawing.
What is CAD CAM ?
CAM is COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURE. These are machines that are controlled by computers to make products e.g. Laser Cutter

Advantages of CAM ?
CAM - CAM machines work faster and more accurately then manual work.

They can reproduce one object many times

They work 24/7

They produce shapes that are hard to create when using manual labour.
By Oliver Heyes
Milling Machine
Vinyl Cutter
Laser Cutter
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