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10 Essential Email Habits

or: Control your mail before it controls you ;-)

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Transcript of 10 Essential Email Habits

Close email when done 10 Limit your email processing time Take action Immediately add things to calendar Keyboard shortcuts Keep emails short Use a todo list instead of
your inbox Keep your
inbox empty Bookmark articles 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 4 Filter ruthlessly Don't keep your email open all day! Create yourself email processing time. this does not mean "reading" but opening your emails and process until your inbox is empty Open and decide quick! delete/ act reply/ to now archive archive archive do/ if it takes 1-2 minutes Learn the most important shortcuts for your program! In most cases 1-3 sentences are enough. ... because otherwise todos are mixed with all other kind of stuff if you check your todos in your inbox, incoming emails may distract you the subject of an email mostly don't tells you what needs to be done Actually Leo says you should only keep unread emails in your inbox. "This one is for advanced users only, but I have hacked my Gmail inbox so that only unread emails are in my inbox. What this means is that if I read an email and don’t act on it, it disappears from my inbox. That forces me to act now, or I will lose the email to the ether. This is built-in motivation to actually process the email, and in practice this helps you keep your inbox empty. (hat-tip to dbuntix)" So you don't spend much time in your email program. unsubscribe unsubscribe unsubscribe ME It is close to the text and formulations in the article and when it differs this is explicitly mentioned. This prezi summarizes the article which can be found here: by Leo Barbuta "My 10 -Essential Email Habits" http://zenhabits.net/e/ and my emails Enjoy your Best,
Melanie free time! it's It's not email itself that decides, YOU how use it. Prezi made by Melanie Schwarzer Prezi Expert http://www.zoom-atelier.de/portfolio Want to see more? Graphics (except the mails):
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