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The Kite Runner historical context

This this the historical and contextual background of the bestselling novel Hosseini Khaled The Kite Runner

Julia Mustafá

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of The Kite Runner historical context

The Kite Runner timeline Reign of Zahir Shah
He was the king of Afghanistan He and most of his family were killed. Death of Mohammad Khan
1978 Meanwhile the power was in control of the P.D.P.A. (People Democratic Party of Afghanistan) 1979-Soviet Union enters Afghanistan Militar Coup by Mohammad Doun Khan

Doun Khan was Zahir´s cousin PDPA will be in charge of the power for the next 10 years, Mujahedins will fight against them. Soviet Afghanistan War 1979 - 1989 1989
Soviet Union withdraws Afghanistan Afghanistan becomes an Islamic State 1996-The Taliban take over Kabul after the fall of the Soviet Union 2001
September 11th Attack 2002- the USA takes over Afghanistan Khaled Hosseini finishes
writing The Kite Runner the story of Amir, the protagonist of the novel, ends in 2002. the author starts his story The Kite Runner Historical Timeline
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