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Clumsy Hippo

No description

Jasleen Devgun

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Clumsy Hippo

Clumsy Hippo
Clumsy Hippo is a comic strip about a Hippo who always gets into trouble. The punchline is 'Dang.' This is where clumsy learns her lesson.
How it started
Clumsy hippo was a way to keep
us happy. Once, when we had a
problem, we came up with it to cheer
us up. And that's how it started!
Clumsy's Bio
Clumsy Hippo was named by her mother Callie Horling but changed
her name to Clumsy Hippo. After she was renamed, she was cast away and was raised by octopuses. (How? don't ask!) The octopuses were captured by the Evil Sea Chicken 'King' even though Clumsy was the real Heir. She will find out when the time comes. The octopuses sent her to the real world. Rumor has it, she has an ancestor who was the main cause of World War 2. (Obviously)
Clumsy hasn't actually been sold or anything yet, but we are already progressing it and we have even made a Clumsy's newspaper! We are very close to giving out our first actual copy and this isn't the first attempt to give it out! It is somehow already quite popular and many people can't wait until the first one comes out!
Charities and fundraising events
We haven't actually got a go ahead from anyone
yet, but we have planned on selling special edition
comics and doing some sponsored runs or events
for example; A sponsored race where everyone
dresses in pink!
We are hoping to see the word
'Dang.' In supermarkets and
we are really looking to
progress clumsy hippo!
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