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Presentation Red Bull - Strategic Marketing

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Samah Said

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Presentation Red Bull - Strategic Marketing

Red Bull Promotion Facts & Figures

The Art of Flight Sponsorship TV commercials usually emphasize the slogan "red bull gives you wings!". TV Commercials Red Bull Stratos 1. Red Bulls Marketing budget is mainly used for sponsoring events, athletes and their own teams.
2. A way smaller part is dedicated to TV commercials
3. In 2010 they spent 1.4 bn € for marketing activities. This was about a third of their yearly revenues! Teams & Events Extreme Sports Football Red Bull Racing Red Bull Flugtag Red Bull Rampage Red Bull Extreme Red Bull sponsors events and athletes in the following categories: Adventure Sports, Aerial Sports, Athletics, Ball Sports, Bike Sports, Motor Sports, Skate Sports,Water Sports and Winter Sports Sport Categories Red Bull Cliff Diving Red Bull Snowboarding Red Bull Base Jumping 1. The jump took place on Sunday, October 14th
2. Felix Baumgartner jumped from 39045 m height towards earth
3. He reached an estimated 1342,8 km/h and broke the sound barrier
4. His free fall took 4:22 minutes, the entire trip took 9:09
5. He broke 3 world records
6. Red Bull invested an estimated 50 Million € in this project; according to Baumgartner it was even less
7. The publicity of this event was the best advertisement for Red Bull! The amount spend in relation to the amount of people that were reached (hundreds of million) is very small!!! Facts & Figures Social Media Red Bull is active in different Social Media such as.
1. Twitter: > 800.000 followers
2. YouTube: > 830.00 followers, > 450.000.000 videos were watched
3. Facebook: 33 million likes

Red Bull uses Social Media to communicate events they sponsor, post the latest videos of sponsored sports and to give information about the athletes they sponsor.

Red Bull runs "Red Bull TV", a free web TV stream that can be accessed all over the world. There, their sports, favorite music and the Red Bull lifestyle is featured. Red Bull Customers > Between 15 and 30 years old - Generation Y

> No geographical criteria
> No socio-economic criteria
> Determined by specific traits and "state of mind" that match Red Bull target customers Personality > Dynamic and active
> Clear and focus-minded
> Confident and tolerant
> Performance-oriented
> Challenge-seeking
> Curious
> Risk-taker > Rejection of social conventions
(traditional marketing strategies)
> Eco-friendly > Performance
> Self-achievement
> Self-transcendence > Extreme sports
> Social activities
> Going out with friends > Balanced, fun and active life
> Physically and mentally active
> Active nightlife What is the typical Red Bull customer? Demographics Psychographics Attitudes Values Interests / Hobbies Lifestyle Behavioural analysis

3 types of customer profile The Athlete > Take his sport very serious
> Red Bull is part of his diet and sport life
> Red Bull improves his endurance and performance The Worker > Works hard, stressful responsibilities
> Would rather like to have a Red Bull instead of a coffee
> Need Red Bull to stay mentally active The Clubber > Has an active nightlife
> Enjoy to mix Red Bull with alcohol
> Wants to stay physically and mentally active all night long
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