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The Friends by Rosa Guy

No description

LaGemma Sims

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of The Friends by Rosa Guy

The Friends by Rosa Guy

Characters' traits:
Phyllisia- Sensitive, young, intelligent, strong-willed (She's a Dynamic character because she changes throughout the story, she goes from not really having a friend to rely on and knowing the real meaning of friendship 'til she met Edith)
Edith- Responsible, young, poor, generous, determined (Dynamic, she grows throughout the story. She goes from disliking Phyllisia to forming a friendship with her)
Calvin- Leader, loving, harsh (He's a static character, because he's very basic and remains the same.)
Ramona- Sensitive, discerning, beautiful, humble (Dynamic, her being diagnosed with Cancer allowed her to recognize that dependence on external appearances is foolish)
Ruby- Good hearted, easy, fun-loving, boy-crazy, gosiper (Static, she remains the same throughout the story)
Beulah- Tough, intimidator, bully, mean (Static, she remains the same in the story)
Major Characters
Phyllisia Cathay
Edith Jackson
Calvin Cathay
Ramona Cathay
Ruby Cathay
Supporting Statements
Calvin C.:
He puts in long hours with strenuous labor at his restraunt.

She dislikes Phyllisia in the story. She also intimidates others (including the teacher) & tries to fight Phyllisia after school.

: She's shabby looking, but has the characeristics of a true friend.

Ramona C.:
She is beautiful but teaches Phyllisia that there is more to a person than their physical appearance.

Phyllisia C.:
She argues with her father throughout the story since neither are willing to give in to the other & Although she loves her mother, the bond between the two is weakened by her mother's cancer & when she dies she's devastated.

Ruby C.:
(Boy-crazy & Gosipper)
She's 16 & ALWAYS pre-occupied with herself. She's the average teenage girl. Her father admires her as the prettiest daughter.
Defend or Refute
Edith is a static character who grows very little if at all over the course of the story and therefore cannot not be considered a major character.
Literary Element: Characters
Major characters' traits (Dynamic or Static?)
Supporting statements
What is learned about the characters through physical appearance, speech, thoughts, actions, and other characters?
What motivates the characters individually?
Are the characters realistic?
Defend or Refute
English 9 Project
Major Characters' Traits
(Dynamic or Static?)
What motivates the characters?
Her mother and Edith
motivates her because her mother gave Phyllisia all wisdom and advice she needed to know, pertaining to the fact her father (Calvin) dislikes her.
(She shows Phyllisia the true meaning of friendship. She knows she can count on Edith to be a real friend.)

His family & possesions

Calvin likes to brag about his family and what he possess, which include his beautiful wife, Ramona, and his stunning daughter Ruby.


Ramona's cancer motivates her because she had already had one breast removed to combat cancer but the disease returned & it allowed her to recognize that dependence on external appearances is foolish, that placing too much value on characteristics that are superficial. She tries to explain this to her family, particularly to her daughters, who are vulnerable in a society which judge women by appearance.

Her looks
Ruby's looks motivate her cause everyone, particularly her father Calvin, see her as the beautfiul daughter in the Cathay family.
Edith: Phyllisia
Phyllisia motivates Edith becuase she struggles to reconcile the values with which she has grown up with the qualities of true friendship, but her and Phyllisia wind up being great friends.

Beaulah: Intimidation
She bullies people for satisfaction which keeps her going

Are the characters realistic?
All the characters face hardships and conflicts in the story just like people in the real world.
The characters are human! They actually exist, they're not animations or make believe . (For example, talking animals)
They live in Harlem, NY. (Harlem, NY really exists in the United States of America)
Edith is a dynamic character. She experiences an important change because of what happened in the plot. She goes from not being friends with Phyllisia to forming a friendship with her. Edith was somewhat shabby and sloppy looking. At first, Phyllisia was a little hesitant, but realized how desperate she was for a friend and accepts her friendship. They have great times together but Phyllisia is slightly embarassed to be seen with Edith because of how she looks. Then, one day when Phyllisia gets caught in a riot Edith saves her life. After the experience, Phyllisia looks past their differences and just sees her as a friend.
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