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Copy of Ocean Tides

Ocean tides in a couple of minutes....

Tracy Carlson

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Ocean Tides

Ocean Tides
The rise and fall on the level of the
sea water in respect to the land
Follows a cycle that is linked
to the lunar day
This consists of 24 hrs. and 50 mins
The type of tide
is influenced by gravity.
As well as
the area...
As explained by
the video, there are
different types of
occuring when
Sun & Moon form
right angle.
When the sun and moon are lined up.
having two high
and two low tides
in a cycle.
having only
one high & one
low tide per cycle.
involves two unequal
high tides & two unequal
low tides in a cycle.
tides have been
measured for many
years and its forms
have greatly developed.
By: Ailed Orozco
force of attraction that keeps
us down!
Newton’s Grandest Discovery:
The Law of Universal Gravitation

Everything pulls on everything else...

Every body in the universe attracts every other body with a force that, for two bodies, is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance separating them:
More things to know about gravity....
The Inverse-Square Law = gravity gets
weaker with distance.
What does the inverse-square law have to do with Earth and Gravity?
The greater the distance from the Earth’s center, the less the gravitational force on an object.
Gravity also causes Projectile Motion.
A projectile is any object projected by any means that continues in motion.

The path of a stone thrown off of a cliff results from two kinds of motion:

1. Straight down vertical motion

2. Horizontal motion of constant velocity

The curved path of a projectile with gravity is a parabola.
Gravity causes...
The same range can be obtained from different projection angles
These angles add up to a total of 90 degrees. For example 60 and 30 will have the same range.
The altitude will not be the same for these projection angles. For the smaller angle, the object will not be in the air as long.
Describe the speed of the cannonball
from at the following points:
1. a to b
2. b
3. b to c
What happens to a projectile when it is launched into space?
Satellites are any projectiles moving fast enough
to fall continuosly around the Earth.
In order to stay in orbit satellites must..
move at a speed great enough to keep them in orbit
this is known as tangential velocity, which also keeps the satellite moving in a circular path parallel to the earth's surface
***PUt it together!
How will the velocity of a
satellite be effected the closer
it is to earth?
The further it is from earth?
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