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Hi! Happy October 1 <3

No description

Niall Divina Marquez

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Hi! Happy October 1 <3

Friendsary, monthsary,
it's all the same to me...
but I'll always remember
the month of October
that brought us together <3
Happy 1st of October!!! <3
Dear you, you're never hard to love,
because you're a piece of heaven
sent from above :P
you took my heart with you when you left...but gave yours to me in exchange.
You never fail to make me smile
And even if we're separated by miles,
just the thought of loving you
turns my frown upside down :)
I know it sounds idiotic
when I try to sound poetic...
but this is just the product
of a schedule that is so hectic! XD

(you're so sweet I might also become diabetic! :P )
My love, this is our first year
but if you could see what's written in my heart,
I know you'll be in tears.
Hey there! :)
yes...this is a power point presentation -.- I couldn't think of any better plan. I just wanted to make something for you on this special day. I hope you like it! Enjoy!
it's worth the try!
like i said...I couldn't think of a better plan...so I made you this "poem" lol sorry I'm really not good at this, but here we go!
"I could still remember
the first day of October
how you stole my heart
and left me wanting more when we're apart..
Remember when you said,
"How I hate my nose!"
but my dear did you know,
that I love it so! :D
I know this is all I've got
but dear, I love you, I really do!
and I've never felt so sure
and I swear what I said was true.
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