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Snapshot: Lost Lives of Women

Narrative Essay for English ENG4U

Manal Rashid

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Snapshot: Lost Lives of Women

Narrative Essay Snapshot: Lost Lives of Women
Amy Tan Grandmother Mother Aunt, Mother's second cousin Uncle's Wife Great GrandMother Thesis Topic Title Snapshot Lost Lives of women relates to Tan's family, and is an in depth look on the women is her life The Title is very effective because it makes you want to know more about her family. The topic of this essay was
family and our connection
with our past generation. Topic? Amy Tan's Snapshot: Lost lives of women thesis in
is our strength and inspiration
comes from our family, elders,
past generations and their stories. The thesis was Implicit. Stylistic Techniques Organizational Forms Methods of Development Narration
Tells a story about her family
From the death of her great-
grandmothers life to later
Introduces the each character
from the picture
Story is from 1922-1936

Cause and Effect
When discussing the characters,
she talks about her uncle's wife
who was very disliked by her uncle
and always complained about his
wife and her cooking. When one
he threw a bowl of soup on Amy's
Mother. The Picture
Introduces her family
describes each member
then tells their story

"When I first saw this photo as
a child, I thought it was exotic and
remote of a faraway time and place
with people who had no connection
to my American life"

Historical Events
Uncle joining communist party in
Picture was taken in 1922 Simile- "This is also a picture of secrets and
tragedies, the reason warnings have been
passed in our family like heirlooms."

Irony- "And why did Dooma later kill herself,
using some mysterious means that caused her
to die slowly over three days..... She died the
same way she lived strong and suffering lots"

Contrast- "And they were not peasant women
but big city people and very modern" Her Aunt, Nunu Aiyi was forced into concubinage, after divorcing her husband, while her uncle was forced to marry someone he did not like(arranged marriage). She had 2 Great Grandmothers: Dooma (The original wife) and Divong (The replacement wife). Her Grandmother committed suicide after being forced her to become his concubine(secondary wife) and she later committed suicide. Her uncle (The son her grandmother left behind) joined
a communist party to over throw the society which forced his Mother into a concubine. Amy Tan feels that the women have secrets
and stories that needed to be told, Tan believes
her family and their struggles are a sources of
strength for her and her family members Main Arguments Argumentation and persuasion Tones Serious Sad Sentiment The thesis is argued logically. The author attempts to appeal her reader emotion. "The young daughter who wept at her deathbed was my mother." "I was her daughter. We had no face! We belonged to nobody! This is a shame I can never push off my back." Discussion Natasha, Anastasia & Manal Formal
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