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Copyright and Creative Commons

Presentation on basic Copyright and Creative Commons

Scott Staub

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of Copyright and Creative Commons

Creative Commons Basics

What is copyright?
What can be copyrighted?
How long does copyright last?
What is in the Public Domain?
What is Fair Use?
Alternatives to Copyright
What is Copyright?
Copyright defines ownership. It allows
the author, musician, artist or creator
to make money off of their labor. It prevents
others from altering or claiming the work
without permission.
If there is no copyright...
If the author cannot make a living
from his writing, than he will not write. If the record company cannot sell the band's songs, it cannot make a profit. The record company will not sign the group and the group won't get a record deal. No copyrighting would stiffle creativity and research.
If copyright is not enforced, the above problem still exists. The end result is still the same; there would be less creative content. Especially in the digital world since it is so easy to copy things. If electronic copyright is not enforced, then creators will return to older distribution methods and print rather than lose money. This would be a big inconvenience for the consumer.
It makes sense to follow copyright guidelines!
What can be protected?
Literary works
Musical works
Dramatic works
Choreographic works
Pictures, graphics, sculptures
Motion pictures and AV
Sound Recordings
Architectural works
What does copyright give the owner?
Right to reproduce the work
Right to prepare derivative works
Right to distribute copies for sale
Right to perform works publicly
Right to display the work publicly
How Long Does Copyright Last?
A copyright last for a life plus 70 years
for anything on or after 1978.
Before 1978, it would be life plus 95 years.
Copyright is Automatic
There is no need to include a copyright notice. The copyright is enforceable when the work is "fixed" which means saving it electronically or writing it on paper.
Public Domain
Anything in public domain is useable by anyone. No one owns it.
Everything published before 1923 is in the public domain
US federal works are in the public domain
Authors can choose to put work in the public domain by including a notice that the item is in the public domain
What is Fair Use?
Use of materials for criticism, comment, news
reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
Limitations apply. This includes consideration of the...
You can use excerpts from a book, but you can't reproduce whole chapters
A class can screen a film for study purpose. However
no admission can be charged and only students in the
class can attend.
Copyright and fair use can be complicated and there is a lot
more information to learn. This is just the basics.
Alternatives to Copyright are emerging
An alternative is called
Creative Commons licenses, free to the public, allows creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators.
By Mr. Staub
Littlestown High School
Youtube video:
Creative Commons--Wanna Work Together?
And one more video for a review...
Youtube Video:
Creative Commons: Get Creative
After this presentation, You should know a little more
about Copyright and Creative Commons. The digital world provides
us with many opportunities to information and resources. As digital
citizens, we must respect other people's property and protect our own.
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