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When do people have the right to revolt against their govern

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Ruby Hernandez

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of When do people have the right to revolt against their govern

Ruby Hernandez
period 7

Why did they cause the people to revolt.?
They caused them because the British wanted all the money for the French and Indian War..
Another reason why they revolted.?
The reason was because of the Boston Massecure. On March 5, 1770 a large group or soldiers gathered around the British
why do they revolt against government..?
A cause why they revolted..?
one reason they had to revolt was that they had high tax rates and in witch colonies unified in rejecting.
Did the government have enough money.?
No, the government still needed more money because the colonies were not paying their tax.
What did the colonies do about it.?
The colonies gathered a boycott of British goods.

The best way they could have done was just pay their tax.
they revolt against their
government because they didn't whan't to pay the high tax money.
when do people have the right to
revolt against their government..?

by 1775-1781 the 13 colonies had the right to revolt.
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